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9 Innovative Hospitality Podcasts for Hotel Managers & Executives

When it comes to content, there’s perhaps no channel growing as quickly in popularity as podcasts. In fact, a recent study by Edison Research shows that 24% Americans over the age of 12 have listened to one in the past month. That’s a whopping 21% increase from just one year ago.

Why the drastic jump in podcast consumption? It’s simple, and something hoteliers can relate to: The average American is getting busier by the year. People are looking for content they can consume on the go or as they work, and podcasts are the perfect fit.

And it’s not just the general population that are joining the podcast party. Even leading hotel conglomerates like InterContinental and Marriott are buying into the craze and creating their own podcasts for content marketing. Below, we’ve rounded up the eight best hospitality podcasts for busy hoteliers and executives to tune into and keep their fingers on the pulse of the rapidly changing industry.

*We’ve embedded episodes where possible. Unfortunately, not all of these podcasts are available in an embedded format.

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Tune in to these hospitality podcasts for hoteliers.

1. Turn of Events from Social Tables

This podcast brings you the latest in event management, and is the perfect solution for those who prefer to listen to absorb insights, rather than read. In every episode Social Tables shares actionable takeaways you can implement to get better results with your hotel and venue marketing, sales, and operations efforts. Get the keys to capture more leads, convert the right ones more quickly, and impress them every step of the way.

This podcast’s simple “how-to” format makes for easy listening during your commute and downtimes, while helping you grow group sales. Reduce your stress levels today with easy listening and on-trend insights for hotels!

2. Lodging Leaders Podcast

Lodging Leaders is a top-ranked hospitality podcast for hotel professionals that offers an incredible portfolio of 150+ episodes to dive into. Each week, join hospitality veteran Jon Albano as he gleans forward-thinking insights and actionable takeaways from top performing hoteliers, leading industry suppliers, bestselling authors, world-class speakers, and inspiring entrepreneurial leaders.

3. Marriott’s Behind the Design

Behind the Design is Marriott Traveler’s attempt to capitalize on the inherent content marketing opportunities of the podcast. In each episode, the pros at Marriott dive into the world of hotel design ” a part of the hotel world that many people don’t understand ” all the while delivering the info in a conversational format that makes for easy listening.

As Marriott’s Content Marketing Director Marc Graser puts it, We saw the podcast as an opportunity to really have a discussion with our internal design teams and also some of the people we work with externally when it comes to designing our hotels. It’s a conversation that ranges from the impact of the travel industry on the design of Marvel’s blockbuster hit Black Panther to the eco-friendly design elements of the Playa Largo Resort.

4. InterContinental Stories

A little more general than Marriott’s take on the podcast, this InterContinental podcast series originally launched in conjunction with a recent global marketing campaign. At a high-level, the eclectic content focuses on where hotel properties fit into local cultures and cultural milestones, establishing the brand as a leader in creating unique global experiences. With a growing focus in the industry on the incorporation of local elements, this is a timely podcast with the capacity to both educate and entertain.

5. Book Greener

25% of Americans are consciously trying to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to their hotel stays. That means eco-friendly hotels aren’t just a niche anymore, they’re becoming a standard in the consumer mindset. BookGreener caters to that trend by diving into valuable insights from hotel owners and managers who are at the forefront of the green hotel revolution. It’s a podcast that proves environmental sustainability doesn’t have to be at odds with the guest experience.

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6. Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

Consider Fuel your weekly round table on hotel industry trends and news that are poised to affect your property. Led by COO Stuart Butler, the hotel marketers from Fuel share their thoughts on a weekly topic or theme ranging from cryptocurrency to VR and consumer mobile behavior. You’ll take away actionable tips that can increase event sales, reduce your reliance on OTAs, and improve your hotel marketing operations.

7. Hospitality Digital Marketing

A podcast sponsored by the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International Council, Hospitality Digital Marketing podcast covers digital marketing issues centered around the hospitality industry. Talking to industry experts from hotel chains to marketing firms, one review summed it up perfectly, consistent and useable content for all digital marketers in the hospitality space.

8. Hospitality Academy

A podcast is only as good as its host, which is why the Hospitality Academy is fantastic. Susan Pannozzo has more than 30 years of experience in the industry working at all levels of hotel operation ” from front desk to GM. She leverages her knowledge, corporate training skills, and large network of industry peers to bring relevant information to properties looking to improve their operations. Tune in as industry leaders share their secrets and get you on the right track for revenue maximization, great guest experiences, and more.

9. Skift Podcast & Spoken Edition

Skift, the hospitality leader in news and reporting, brings the industry two invaluable podcasts: the Skift Podcast and Spoken Edition. The latter is updated almost daily to bring professionals news, info, data and analysis on airlines, hotels, tourism, cruises, startups, tech and more. You can think of it as an industry-specific NPR. The Skift Podcast, however, is tailored to be more of a dialogue on the space at large. Each episode, Skift explores insights and perspectives from the travel industry by sitting down with creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs.

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