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Tech Thursday: 25 Hospitality Technology Publications Every Industry Professional Needs to Read

If you’re in hospitality, you’ll need to keep up with the latest technology trends, hotel publications, and buyer’s guides being published. Nowadays there are a lot of great hospitality technology publications out there, which can get a little overwhelming to sort through. This roundup will help you narrow down your options. 

Here you’ll find well known and trusted resources providing the best possible advice for hospitality professionals, hoteliers, event planners, and everyone in between. Each hospitality technology publication listed below regularly publishes content on and/or offline, offers at least one dedicated technology column or is entirely dedicated to the topic, and is generally considered an industry leader for technology. 

So without further ado, here are the top 25 hospitality and technology publications every industry professional needs to read. 

Discover 25 Must-Read Hospitality Technology Publications

1. Hospitality Upgrade Magazine

Covering everything from relevant Artificial Intelligence basics to booking engine tips, Hospitality Upgrade Magazine answers all your advanced technology questions. If you’re looking for a resource that gives you just enough background on each topic but still keeps it relevant for hospitality professionals, this one’s for you. 

2. Hospitality Tech 

Hospitality Tech regularly publishes unique content under categories like customer experience, POS, and operations. They also provide plenty of cutting edge research reports alongside industry news regarding brand developments, new hires and fires at prominent companies, and new software products hotels should consider adopting. 

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HFTP (which stands for Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals) has been going strong since 1952. The nonprofit is headquartered in Austin and has since expanded internationally, adding a global perspective to their articles. 

4. Hospitality Net 

Hospitality Net has interesting sections ranging from industry news to opinion articles to world panels that interview industry experts on their honest thoughts regarding hospitality trends. Their content covers every imaginable topic in hospitality and their products section has plenty of high tech gadget and program reviews for hoteliers. 

5. Hotel F&B Magazine

Hotel F&B Magazine is based in the UK and writes about regionally specific topics like afternoon tea best practices as well as the best international industry news. They also include a number of original pieces like interviews with prominent hotel executives and award-winning chefs. 

6. HTNG 

HTNG (which stands for Hospitality Technology Next Generation) is all about helping hotels adapt to technological advancements that better their business and improve traveler experience all at the same time. In addition to posting helpful articles they also offer teleconference workshops on topics like modernizing infrastructure and wireless power. 

7. Emerald 

Emerald is a hospitality journal that regularly publishes 3 issues a year. In it you’ll find technology content about everything from on-demand transportation to mobile business travel app usage. Basically if in-depth trend profiles are your jam, check out this hospitality technology publication.  

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8. Boutique Hotelier 

This publication is primarily targeting UK hotel owners but their news, trends, and industry analysis content is useful for international readers as well. They also offer annual boutique hotelier awards so be sure to submit for consideration or ask another hospitality professional to nominate you if you qualify. 

9. Hotel Management 

Technology, design, and increasing ROI are all top priorities for Hotel Management. They share industry news alongside surveys, hardware, software, and data usage tips. This publication will help you get inspired by real brands and learn about new tools. 

10. Hotelier Magazine

Hotelier Magazine covers hot topics like energy management, smart-room technology, and wellness-focused hotel design. They offer tailored sub sections for those interested in customer experience, food & beverage, operations, and much more. 

11. Sleeper Magazine 

Sleeper covers all things global hotel design so you’ll read articles about everything from Hilton’s new Southeast Asia collections to reviews of luxury properties in Los Angeles. Look to this hospitality technology publication for news on the latest related events, products, services, and best practices as well as individual hospitality brands. 

12. Today’s Hotelier 

Today’s Hotelier is an official publication of AAHOA (the Asian American Hotel Owners Association), an organization whose target audience owns more than half the hotel chains in the United States, so you know it’s chock full of cutting edge information that’s relevant to members and nonmembers alike. In addition to technology information, you’ll find that advice about sales, marketing, finance, leadership, and government affairs. 

13. Hotel Business 

National reports, the latest hotel technology solutions, and unique hotel technology applications are all included in this publication. Hotel Business also covers operations, ownership, and design and offers a library of useful videos on topics like the latest industry conferences. 

14. Hotel Owner 

Another UK-based publication, Hotel Owner covers international news, tourism, events, economy, and property. If cyber security, blockchain for hotels, and the latest property acquisitions all hold your interest, this is the resource for you. 

15. Lodging Magazine 

Instagram marketing tips, Gen Z surveys, and virtual reality development are equally featured on Lodging Magazine’s website. If you’re looking for advice on trends in addition to which new hospitality tech tool you should adopt, this is the place to look for it. 

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16. Cvent Meetings Magazine

Cvent has plenty of insights into current industry topics, destination guides, and luxury properties for hospitality professionals who want to stay in the know. The Discover section offers more trending topics as well as a content extensive search tool. 

17. Canadian Special Events Magazine

You don’t have to be Canadian to appreciate their recommended technology vendors and articles on how to incorporate new tools into your hotel or hospitality strategy. You’ll find plenty of content aimed at event planners and marketers here too. 

18. BizBash 

BizBash is a valuable resource covering all things events and hospitality. You’ll find some technology related topics among articles about event production, strategy, and decor. Their magazine is both in print and digital. 

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19. Forbes Innovation

The popular American business magazine has a section dedicated to Innovation. Here you’ll find anything and everything about the technology including news about software companies as well as reviews of the products they offer. They also spend time discussing trending news stories in depth from their point of view. Overall it’s a good read for those looking for broader topic coverage that will inform their hospitality goals. 

20. Wired Magazine

Another newsstand hit, Wired dips into consumer electronics, gadgets, and gear along with broader articles on topics like culture and science. Their security and transportation sections will also help hospitality professionals plan for the future of guest safety both on and offline. 

21. Fast Company 

The tech section of Fast Company gives readers new insight into gadgets and apps of all kinds. They’ve written about hospitality apps, robotics in real estate, and news about the tools you may already be using. 

22. Innovation & Tech Today

From Verizon’s smart cities to the NFL’s 5G upgrade, this technology publication will help hospitality professionals keep up with big name brands and their latest innovations. Wearables, cryptocurrency, and smart clothing are also featured and can provide plenty of fodder for hoteliers who think outside of the box in terms of what to offer their guests. 

23. Digit Magazine

Digit is great for researching the best tablets, laptops, and TV monitors to offer your hotel guests because a lot of their articles focus on tech specs for readers at every tech experience level. Their website also features a comparison tools that put popular products side by side which will really come in hand with you make your next major buying decision. 

24. Tech Advisor

If practical application is important to you, Tech Advisor has plenty of articles on subjects like connecting earbuds to gaming consoles and troubleshooting streaming platforms in other countries. They also have great tips for monthly sales across the web.  

25. T3

T3 is all about smarter living which is great for hoteliers or other hospitality professionals looking to add wellness products or practices into their business. Read this publication for things like smart bulb recommendations, cool new workout gear, and honest buying guides. 

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