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5 Hotel Technology Stats That Will Win You More Business

In the digital age, technology is at the core of business processes across industries. In the hospitality business, hotel technology plays a vital role in attracting, engaging, and retaining guests. This means that hotels have to invest in a wide range of solutions to meet the escalating expectations of guests. Regardless of how you perceive it, technology isn’t going away because it’s all about the ease of convenience that guests have grown accustomed to at home.

The 5 Hotel Technology Stats You Need to Know

1. 68% of guests want to speed up the check-in process by using their smartphones.

According to the High Tech For High Touch: 2016 Hospitality Vision Study, as many as 68% of hotel guests want to avoid the front desk by utilizing their smartphones to check-in. This is a critical statistic as 92% of guests carry a smartphone with about 40% already using hotel apps on them. Many hospitality managers have recognized this, and aim to be able to enable seamless room selection, allow smartphones to unlock selected rooms, and to get access to guest-exclusive areas with a single mobile device.

2. 74% of hotel guests are receptive to customized offers and loyalty programs.

According to the same study, almost 74% of guests surveyed were receptive to customized offers and messaging. Furthermore, 75% were willing to share personal information like age, gender, and email addresses to access tailor-made loyalty programs. This is the primary reason why hotels and resorts are heavily investing in hotel technology such as location-based technologies that enable the following:

  • Priority guest recognition and analytics
  • Geo-targeted mobile offers
  • Special promotions and upgrades

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3. Free WiFi is a key consideration of 49% of business travelers.

Hotel technology can mean something as simple as providing free access to the Internet. For example, business travelers demand seamless access to the Internet while they’re out of town. If you provide that access for free, it will play a significant role in their choice of hotels. According to research, as many as 49% of business travelers chose hotels based on free WiFi access, while free breakfast came second at just 14%. Even 25% of leisure travelers chose hotels based on WiFi access, and as a result, hotels need to invest in enhancing their bandwidth.

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4. 34% of business travelers want access to more USB ports and power outlets.

At present, about 34% of business travelers also want access to more USB ports and power outlets in their guest room, but you can expect this number to grow exponentially across all customer-bases. This makes sense as laptops and mobile devices have become a vital component and an ever-present portal to the world. As a result, when you’re thinking about hotel tech, it’s not just about the software or applications that enhance guest experiences. It’s also about the power sources that make technology and modern life possible.

5. 77% of U.S. consumers are interested in buying VR equipment.

According to a recent study, about 77% of US based consumers are interested in purchasing virtual reality (VR) equipment. This means that VR technology is rapidly growing in importance and can’t be ignored by the industry. And, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by major players like Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Holiday Inn Express, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, and Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, whom have all incorporated VR to enable virtual reality experiences in guest rooms.

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