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6 of the Best Branded Hotel Apps To Try Today

Today’s travelers are more tech-savvy than ever. And hoteliers have answered the call in reaching these travelers through developing their own apps with exclusive features. So what are the best-branded hotel apps on the market today?

1. Hyatt Hotels Mobile App

The Hyatt app offers guests several functionalities. Potential guests can easily book a room at one of the Hyatt’s over 600 hotels worldwide. Regular guests can access their World of Hyatt loyalty program account to review member benefits, discover discount rates, and receive complimentary nights as bonus offers.

Guests can also manage their stay through the app by using it to check in or check out without visiting the front desk. Instead of waiting to view the bill at checkout, guests can keep track of room charges through the app.

In addition, requests for things like towels or a Lyft can be made through the Hyatt app.

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2. Starwood Preferred Guest App

Travelers can easily browse Starwood’s over 1,300 locations using the SPG app. Instead of using a physical room key, guests can register their phone and receive a notification with their room number where they can unlock their door using their mobile device. Guests can also use their device to check in and out of their room.

Through the My Account section, guests view recent charges, special offers, and receive tailored recommendations for things to do to improve their stay.

3. Marriott Mobile App

Marriott took a smart approach to marketing their app. They state up front that using the app allows guests to find the lowest rates at one of their 4,400 locations worldwide. It’s this price comparison features that usually tempts people to use third-party hotel apps, so it’s a smart move for Marriott to include a similar feature even if it’s only to compare locations within the brand.

Guests can seamlessly sign up for the Marriott rewards program within the app. They can also check in remotely while they’re on the way to the hotel and go straight to their room by using their mobile key to unlock it.

4. Hilton Honors App

The Hilton Honors App ensures no luxury is lost whether guests are dealing with their physical presence or their virtual presence. In addition to using the Hilton Honors App to check in and unlock rooms, guests can use the app to choose the room, view, and floor that they want, if available.

Special requests like favorite foods or extra pillows can also be made in advance through the app. The Conrad Concierge is accessible through the Hilton Honors App as well.

5. Ritz-Carlton Mobile App

Much like the Hilton Honor App, the Ritz-Carlton Mobile App aims to be a virtual extension of its physical luxury. Guests can easily book a room and even make restaurant and spa reservations while they’re at it. They can browse recommendations for local sights and attractions they can enjoy during their stay.

During their stay, guests can request amenities like shoeshining or fresh towels through the app and when they’re ready to leave use the mobile checkout feature.

One distinctive feature of the Ritz-Carlton hotel app is its language options. The hotel app and all of its accompanying features are available in English, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, and French.

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6. IHG Mobile App

Hotel companies like IHG operate like mini-versions of third-party hotel booking sites. Since they include so many hotels brands and chains within their portfolio, they can offer a wide range of hotel experiences and prices.

Guests staying at a hotel in the IHG family can find nearby hotels for last minute reservations. Best of all, you can access your hotel information if you have an existing booking, access exclusive offers, and check out reviews for different hotels.

Which are the best branded hotel apps that you’ve tried? Let us know on Twitter