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33 Wedding Planning Quotes For Planners and Couples

Wedding planning can be a stressful process, consisting of months of organizing, scheduling, and rescheduling. Whether you’re a professional planner or a soon-to-be newlywed, you may find yourself in need of a pick-me-up every now and then as the big day approaches. If you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, advice, or a hearty laugh, we have just the list of wedding planning quotes you may need.

In this post, you’ll find quotes from world-famous professional wedding planners, comedians, authors, and reflective couples who’ve already tied the knot. Discover what the experts have to say, tips for de-stressing, what long-married couples think, and so much more. From quick quips to insightful wedding planning quotes, this list has it all.

Explore 33 relatable wedding planning quotes for couples and planners

Wedding planning quotes that will make you laugh

Whether you’re an event professional or a soon-to-be newlywed, don’t forget to take a step back and laugh during the wedding planning process. Read these cheeky wedding planning quotes for a chuckle.

1. Falling in love was the easy part; planning a wedding “ yikes! “ Niecy Nash

2. If you are going to plan a wedding, then a certain amount of suffering is not a choice. “ Ellie Kemper

3. Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love. “ Emma Watson

4. Advice for the mother of the bride: It’s her wedding, not the one you wish you had. “ Renae Willis

5. What’s the best way to get your husband to remember your anniversary? Get married on his birthday. “ Cindy Garner

6. Wedding planning is all fun and games until you realize you have no time, no sleep, and cannot think of anything else. “ Faith Rowley

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Inspirational wedding planning quotes

If you’re seeking encouragement, guidance, or grounding, the following inspirational wedding planning quotes can help you put everything in perspective.

7. I think a lot of people get so obsessed with the wedding and the expense of the wedding that they miss out on what the real purpose is. It’s not about a production number, it’s about a meaningful moment between two people that’s witnessed by people that they actually really know and care about. “ Jane Seymour

8. Too often, we tend to focus everything on the wedding ceremony and little or nothing on marriage. We see the beauty of the ceremony but miss the beauty and wonder of the covenant. We sometimes also miss the fact that we are embarking on one of the most difficult journeys of our lives, one that does not begin on the wedding day. “ Kay Coles James

9. Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage. “ Zig Ziglar

10. The wedding venue is the cornerstone of your dream wedding. Imagination is your only constraint, your wedding can be held literally anywhere; a church, park, farm, vineyard, beach, golf course, ballroom, or castle. – Lili Krushel

11. Your wedding day is the one occasion that can bring those closest and dearest to you together to celebrate yours and your partner’s commitment to marriage. “ Charlotte O’Shea

12. It’s not that I think weddings ” or marriages ” are letdowns. It’s just that I want to see my wedding as one awesome achievement on a continuum of achievements, all of which were, in their way, just as beautiful and profound for having led me to the current one. “ Jessi Klein

13. This one-sentence wedding mantra may be helpful. Recite it to yourselves in those moments when everyone about you seems to be going crazy with the planning details: The point of the wedding is to celebrate our love. It is to make a public commitment to each other for life. Everything else is extra. “ Lilo and Gerard Leeds

Honest wedding planning quotes

Whether you’re a professional wedding planner or a hands-on couple, a little bit of honest advice can take you a long way. These are some of our favorite honest (and candid) wedding planning quotes.

14. When you’re planning a wedding, someone is always trying to sell you something. “ Jon Stein

15. A wedding, whether it’s a quiet civil ceremony or a pull-out-all-the-stops extravaganza, requires equal parts creativity, planning, diplomacy and nerve. “ Dominique Douglas

16. The saying, ˜You get what you pay for,’ is so true! Hiring a DJ who doesn’t charge much can seem like an attractive idea, but finding someone to step in on your wedding day when your DJ shows up with a boom box won’t be so cheap! It’s all about having connections. “ Maria Kovacevich

17. In the process of planning and having a wedding, I forgot there would actually be a marriage, a union of minds, bodies, souls, and issues that would come together as soon as the ceremony was over. “ Iyanla Vanzant

18. I will not remember what my wedding looked like, but I will remember what it felt like. “ Devon Havens

19. An event shouldn’t be just an experiential thing, it should be an emotional thing. “ Amit Kalantri

Wedding planning quotes for stressed-out couples

In a Zola Survey, 40% of engaged couples reported feeling very or extremely stressed out by wedding planning. If wedding planning has you feeling the pressure, turn to these wedding planning quotes for comfort.

20. It’s so easy to get lost in what you think you ˜should’ be doing. Throw that out the window and do what you want to do! “ Lucy and Robbie

21. ˜Choosing the color scheme for your wedding will be one of the most important decisions you ever make.’ Seriously? Has the wedding industry really come to this? Choosing the color scheme for your wedding will not be one of the most important decisions you ever make. “ George Mahood

22. Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. “ Dalai Lama

23. Don’t allow yourselves to get so consumed by planning a party that you lose sight of the life you want to plan. Make time to talk with one another about the future beyond your wedding. What are your dreams and goals? What experiences do you want to have together? Take a little time away from wedding talk and dig into the life you want to build. “ Drs. Lee & Leslie Parrot

24. No matter what happens, if at the end of your wedding day you are married to the person you love, then it was a roaring success! “ Hannah & Matt

25. Planning a wedding is like climbing a ladder. You have to take it one step at a time. And, like dominoes, one decision impacts the next. Having a master checklist is helpful, but within that checklist, set realistic goals and timeframes to complete tasks. Prioritizing is important to maintaining your sanity so that you don’t get overwhelmed. “ Jessica Sloane

26. For those working without a planner, have your calmest friend on hand for the wedding day, and make sure your hair and makeup team is relaxed and not high-strung. They’re the first ones you’ll work with on your wedding day, and they really set the tone for the relaxed vibe you want to accomplish. “ Jacin Fitzgerald

27. When planning your wedding you make so many decisions: ˜Do I want this fork or that fork?’ But in the end, people aren’t going to remember what napkin holder you choose. “ Lara Stone

Quotes from professional wedding planners

Turn to these wedding planning quotes from professional planners for advice, guidance, and expert wedding planning tips.

28. Often, being engaged becomes not that enjoyable very quickly if you don’t have unlimited funds, a perfectly functional family, and a size-two body. “ Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding

29. Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money; they are about spending good money on the elements that are most important to you and your partner. “ Kristi Richardson, Bloomed to Last

30. Planning a wedding involves thousands of decisions. Decisions that need to be made, and moved forward on. “ Inspired Grace Weddings

31. Every wedding is special because every couple is unique. Their story, their families, their details are all unique ” so my goal planning every wedding is to help that couple find the unique in their day. “ Tricia Devor, Always Eventful

32. “The first rule for choosing vendors is to avoid those who suggest that your budget isn’t sufficient. The planning process should be about taking your ideas and making them work.” “ Mindy Weiss, Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

33. I hope you’ve taken a few weeks ” or at least a few moments ” to bask in your newly-engaged love bubble before diving headfirst down the rabbit hole of wedding planning. “ Jessica Bishop, The Budget Savvy Bride

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You’ve heard from relationship experts, newlyweds, and renowned wedding planning professionals. With a suitcase full of humorous, inspirational, and encouraging wedding planning quotes at your disposal, you’re ready to push through and execute the wedding of your dreams!

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