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Amazing Wedding Planners in Every Major U.S. City

If you searched for the top wedding planners in your city, you’ve come to the right place. Featuring dozens of excellent wedding planners across the United States, you’re sure to find the people you need to pull off this extra special event.  

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We’ve added a variety of highly rated, unique, and diverse options for each and every location listed. Whether they’re a multi-departmental team or an individual, a local specialist or a destination diva, you’ll find something that suits your wedding below.

This list is compiled of wedding planners with the highest and most five star ratings for each city based on wedding website ratings. Then, out of those options we checked out each planner’s website and narrowed down by best presentation and/or special awards, such as major magazine features. Finally, we finalized our choices in a way that gave readers in each city a variety of options (individual planners vs. whole teams, destination specialists vs. hometown flair, etc.) so you could personalize your pick easily based on what matters most to you.

Now without further ado, here are the top 63 wedding event planners in the United States, organized by region and city.

Best wedding planners in the northeast

New York City Wedding Planners

1. Ultimate USA Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: They’re highly experienced with long distance wedding planning. They’ve even been hired to plan NYC weddings for couples who have never even been to the city before! Needless to say, they’re great at creating stress free experiences even when dealing with extreme circumstances.

2. Cherish Events LLC

Why You’ll Love Them: They operate in both Orlando and NYC and they’ve won Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice awards several years in a row.

3. Ruffles & Tweed

Why You’ll Love Them: This wedding planning superstar is both fun and flexible. No ask is too big for your special day!

Boston Wedding Planners

1. Nicole Simeral & Company, Weddings & Events

Why You’ll Love Them: They’re all about simplicity and elegance, choosing to only include the highest quality options for every aspect of your wedding.

2. Unique Weddings by Alexis

Why You’ll Love Them: Past clients rave about how creative and thorough Alexis is. She is great at taking you through the process step by step in a way that excites rather than overwhelms you.

3. EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design

Why You’ll Love Them: This award-winning wedding planning company specializes in wedding branding aka putting your own personalized stamp on the whole affair.

Washington, DC Wedding Planners

1. Covenant Weddings and Occasions

Why You’ll Love Them: They have a whole staff of trained professionals working together to flawlessly execute your wedding. They offer full, partial, or day-of wedding coordination.

2. Circle of Love Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: Daria, your new Wedding Guru, has over a decade’s worth of experience helping couples plan weddings, elopements, and everything in between. She’s both deeply personal and delightful.

3. Wedding Muse

Why You’ll Love Them: If you’d like to work with a team of planners, this company would be a great option. They’re also dedicated to helping educate the next generation of wedding planners by offering intern opportunities and mentorships.

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Wedding planners in the midwest

Chicago Wedding Planners

1. Anticipation Events

Why You’ll Love Them: One of their more unique characteristics is their wedding styling services. Each event is like a unique piece of art and they’ll help you realize and create your masterpiece.

2. LOLA Event Productions

Why You’ll Love Them: Collaboration and excitement are top priorities for this wedding planning team. They even made Vogue’s Ultimate Wedding Planner Master List!

3. Weddings and Events By Kristin

Why You’ll Love Them: Kristin and her team truly love what they do and their sense of play is infectious, relieving any unnecessary stress during the whole planning process.

Columbus Wedding Planners

1. Devoted to Details

Why You’ll Love Them: Their services are highly customizable to suit any budget. They offer complimentary meet and greets where you can meet the team in low pressure environment to see if you hit it off first.

2. Wedded Perfection

Why You’ll Love Them: If you’re looking for the best value for every one of your wedding dollars, these are the people to call.

3. Nina Marie Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: They offer full wedding as well as day-of coordination and has expertly handled wedding planning at every stage of the process. One reviewer gave her high marks for her ability to step in to assist their DIY planning efforts with less than six months left til the big day!

Indianapolis Wedding Planners

1. Just the Two of Us Wedding Services

Why You’ll Love Them: They offer a full range of wedding planning services, including officiating, elopements, or just signing the marriage license. They’ll even help you write your vows!

2. Boldly Chic Events

Why You’ll Love Them: Boldly Chic Events plans wedding in Minneapolis but they also work in NYC and internationally.

3. Spectacular Soirees by Janice Board

Why You’ll Love Them: Spectacular Soirees makes sure that no two wedding they plan will ever be alike.

Pittsburgh Wedding Planners

1. Hello Productions

Why You’ll Love Them: They’re a wedding planning company and a marketing company all in one. So creating a well designed and truly personalized experience that reflects your unique relationship is what they do best.

2. Perfectly Planned by Shari

Why You’ll Love Them: With over 20 years experience in the industry, Shari has a well rounded list of trusted vendors along with her expertise for selecting and working with the perfect team.

3. Devoted To You

Why You’ll Love Them: Devoted To You is for eclectic couples who want a wedding as unique as they are. So if personal style will heavily factor into your special day, they’ll know exactly what to do.

Wedding planners in the west

Los Angeles Wedding Planners

1. Love Is Sweet Events

Why You’ll Love Them: They offer wedding planning packages as well as floral design & decor or a la carte options for those who have most of it handled and need a little something special.

2. XOXO Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: If you want your wedding planner to also become your BFF, the gals at XOXO Weddings are happy to be there for you.

3. Lisa Kahn Events

Why You’ll Love Them: Lisa is highly professional, organized, and has relationships with some of the best venues and vendors in SoCal.

San Francisco Wedding Planners

1. A Day Like No Other

Why You’ll Love Them: Her past clients flock to Yelp and Wedding Wire to leave her five star reviews for how easy she is to work with and how talented she is at her job.

2. An Everlasting Moment

Why You’ll Love Them: With An Everlasting Moment, brides and grooms still have full control over their event with the help and guidance from this professional team.

3. Make It Happen!

Why You’ll Love Them: Their specialty is partial, month-of, and day-of planning/execution. They also offer their services for multicultural ceremonies and/or receptions, both of which they have plenty of experience in, especially for Russian, Indian, Persian, Jewish, and Asian events.

San Diego Wedding Planners

1. Seaside Beach Wedding San Diego

Why You’ll Love Them: Affordable and stress free beachside wedding packages with personalized touches? Sign us up!

2. I Do…Weddings & Events

Why You’ll Love Them: They know how to handle difficult relatives, budget decisions, and all the nitty gritty wedding tasks you won’t want to take care of alone.

3. Dream Beach Wedding

Why You’ll Love Them: They offer wedding locations like Coronado Beach and Bay, La Jolla Beach and Cliffs, and Imperial Beach, to name just a few of the gorgeous outdoor venues most SoCal brides would die for.

Seattle Wedding Planners

1. Bridal Bliss

Why You’ll Love Them: Servicing Portland, Seattle, and Bend, the Bridal Bliss team has an impressive portfolio complete with their collection of irresistible looking dessert displays.

2. Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design

Why You’ll Love Them: In addition to offering the full suite of wedding planning options, this company also hosts delightful workshops like wine and flower arrangement parties.

3. The Invisible Hostess

Why You’ll Love Them: Everyone is busy these days. Which is what makes the Invisible Hostess so effective – they only concern you with the fun parts of wedding planning and keep the annoying details under control.

Portland Wedding Planners

1. Luxe Event Productions

Why You’ll Love Them: They handle marketing, styling, photo shoots and so much more. So if you want a wedding company with all the bells and whistles, hire Luxe Event Productions.

2. Bridal Bliss

Why You’ll Love Them: So nice we put them twice! Bridal Bliss is one of the most highly rated wedding planners in the Portland area with a near perfect rating on Wedding Wire.

3. Your Perfect Bridesmaid

Why You’ll Love Them: Your Perfect Bridesmaid acts like your wedding planning partner, helping you through the process while also letting you take control of areas you’re particularly passionate about.

Denver Wedding Planners

1. root + gather events

Why You’ll Love Them: One of their standout features is their sound and music coordination service. They have live music and equipment ready to go. All you have to do is choose from their selection of music samples on the website to select your favorite artists.

2. JoAnn Moore Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: In addition to being a terrific wedding planner, JoAnn is also a certified Sandals Resort specialist. So she can help you plan your big day and your vacay, all in one go!

3. Bella Notte Weddings and Events

Why You’ll Love Them: Besides planning your wedding, the Bella Notte team can rent you all the gorgeous votives, bird cages, chinese lanterns, and other wedding decor your heart desires.

Las Vegas Wedding Planners

1. Rachael’s Custom Events

Why You’ll Love Them: Planning, coordination, and design are Rachael’s specialty for those looking to host a classy wedding down in Sin City.

2. Custom Las Vegas Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: The spirit of Las Vegas is alive with these premade wedding packages that include the Vegas Strip, Neon Museum, and Nelson Ghost Town.

3. Vegas Weddings Planner

Why You’ll Love Them: The Vegas Weddings Planner team covers small, luxury, and destination weddings as well as more traditional ones. They also offer all inclusive options.

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Wedding planners in the south

Top Atlanta Wedding Planners

1. House of BASH

Why You’ll Love Them: House of BASH offers all the goodness you’d expect from expert wedding planners but one of their standout features is their ability to assist with private venues and other DIY spaces.

2. Soiree South & Co.

Why You’ll Love Them: Current trends and fresh concepts are the name of the game at Soiree South & Co. They’ll confident they can throw you a Pinterest perfect wedding to suit your tastes.

3.Le Bam Studio

Why You’ll Love Them: Atlanta wedding decor, all-inclusive packages, and coordination are available for Georgia brides lucky enough to work with Le Bam Studio.

Nashville Wedding Planners

1. Helen Morisette Weddings and Events

Why You’ll Love Them: Helen wants to make your wedding day perfect, which is exactly what she did for all the clients who review her online. She adds personalized touch to every occasion.

2. Top Tier Events

Why You’ll Love Them: The three best words to describe top tier events are elegant, affordable, and simple. Great for a classy couple who wants to throw a luxurious gathering without the luxurious price tag.

3. Keisha Norwood Wedding and Event Planning

Why You’ll Love Them: Choose one of her awesome wedding packages or start from scratch – the choice is up to you! Either way you’ll love working with Keisha and her team.

Austin Wedding Planners

1. Valerie Miller Events

Why You’ll Love Them: This team of planners is made up of designers, innovators, and trendsetters. They have their fingers on the pulse of the wedding industry and know exactly what new looks and ideas will go best with your vibe.

2. In Style Weddings and Destinations

Why You’ll Love Them: These wedding planners are also accredited travel agents so destination weddings, bridal parties, bachelor/bachelorette, and even honeymoon planning will be easy to add on to your package.

3. The Wedding Belles

Why You’ll Love Them: Southern charm is alive and well at the weddings planned and organized by The Wedding Belles. Hire them for full or partial assistance for all your wedding needs.

Miami Wedding Planners

1. A Modern Romance

Why You’ll Love Them: A Modern Romance has a presence in a handful of major U.S. cities, but their Miami team is a standout. Tropical, stylish, and cosmopolitan is their niche and they do it well.

2. Weddings and Events By Kristin

Why You’ll Love Them: Kristin and her team can handle the usual wedding planning offerings but they also do hourly services, setup/teardown, and design so you can get help with any aspect of your event within your budget.

3. Your Special Day by Joni

Why You’ll Love Them: Joni makes weddings look glamorous and effortless. Which is mostly because she takes care of the effort part while you get to enjoy yourself and look glamorous!

Philadelpia Wedding Planners

1. Kaleidoscope Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: Yet another great multi-city option for couples or families that are spread out. They have branches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and several high demand tropical destinations.

2. Details Made Simple ~ Wedding Day Coordinator

Why You’ll Love Them: This full wedding planning team specializes in wedding day coordination, obviously, but they also offer cool services like venue scouting and DIY project assembly.

3.Tum Hi Ho Events

Why You’ll Love Them: Their Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald packages are easy to understand, clearly laid out, and include details you might not have even realized you needed!

Phoenix Wedding Planners

1. Stylish Events by Lisa

Why You’ll Love Them: Destinations, traditional weddings, and all the related events are covered by Lisa and her team. The name says it all really!

2.Simply Beautiful Wedding & Event Planning

Why You’ll Love Them: Full A to Z wedding services are available through Simply Beautiful, with things like set up and take down available.

3. Signature Events

Why You’ll Love Them: They’re named Signature because every event they do is as unique as your very own signature! Customized and personalized weddings are what they do best, so if you have a clear vision in mind they can help make it come to life.

Dallas Wedding Planners

1. Weddings by StarDust

Why You’ll Love Them: Weddings by StarDust has been featured in pretty much every major wedding related publication there is. And when you check out their expert services and rave reviews, it’s not hard to see why.

2. Divine Wedding Details

Why You’ll Love Them: Designing, planning, and coordinating are among the details the Divine Wedding group can help take care of for you. Their certified wedding consultants will personally see to it that your wedding is everything you ever dreamed of.

3. Ricardo Tomas Weddings

Why You’ll Love Them: Ricardo approaches weddings the same way an architect approaches any project, with passion, dedication, and articulated detail. Ricardo Tomas Weddings will help you with vendor, timeline, budget, and floorplan management, to name just a few of the services he offers.

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How to find the best wedding planners nearby

There are a lot of talented professionals in the wedding industry. So finding the best fit for your big day comes down to your preferences, budget, and personality. Whether it’s the full package or just select services, having a wedding planner available to lend you a hand is a worthwhile investment for any romantic affair. Once you select the right planner to work with, see how wedding planning software can reduce stress too! Or get started right away with our free 3D wedding diagramming.

Ready to learn more about wedding planning? Check out the complete wedding planning checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything important for your big day. And, find the best wedding venue in a few clicks!

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