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Planning Golf Events: How Event Technology Fuels Design at the Phoenix Open

For the fourth consecutive year, CORT Events partnered with Waste Management and the the Phoenix Open to provide event design expertise to one of the largest golf tournaments on the PGA Tour. Held Jan. 29 to Feb. 4 in Scottsdale, Arizona, the event at TPC Scottsdale-Champions Course required various staging areas, including VIP and sponsor areas, catering to over 650,000 attendees.

While designing and planning golf events on such a large scale is far from easy, CORT was able to use Social Tables’ event diagramming software to organize and elegantly arrange more than 10,000 individual pieces of furniture unloaded from 12 trailers. CORT used the technology to maximize the space in each designated greenway and viewing area, implementing 2018’s hottest design trends and adding to the overall ambiance of the tournament. Here’s how they were able to create smart, stylized spaces for event attendees to enjoy throughout the weekend.

Three key design characteristics CORT brought to golf event planning.

1. Smart

Designed to enchant and relax tournament guests, The Cove at 17 is located on the south side of the 17th green and provides one of the most valued suite hospitality opportunities for corporate participants. Leveraging Social Tables’ 3D event diagramming technology, CORT created a seamless and elevated experience for VIPs who enjoyed the tournament from this box, drawing inspiration from yacht club décor. A beautiful oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert, the yacht club aesthetic was achieved by incorporating comfortable seating in colors and fabrics reminiscent of the shore.

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2. Stylized

The Loge is one of the most renowned venues on the PGA TOUR. At the event, it opened into a shared, luxurious lounge area with all-inclusive food and beverage and ended on a comfortable viewing deck with a bird’s-eye view of all the excitement on the 15th green. Inspired by farm-chic trends, the Loge featured refined wood textures, pops of greenery mixed with industrial textures, and plush furniture for guests to relax. The Loge maximized the number of attendees who could experience luxury by using the same diagramming software, all the while maintaining an open and spacious environment.

3. Strategic

The Bay Club on 17 offers access to an upscale lounge area as well as a viewing platform overlooking the 10th fairway. The open concept of Soho House L.A. inspired CORT event planners to create a space that was both accessible and private for The Bay Club. Social Tables allowed CORT to perfectly place moveable hedges to ensure privacy while maintaining an open and airy ambiance. By combining refined textures, as well as surprising pops of color and eclectic patterns, the Bay Club reflected the top event design trends of 2018 while serving the needs of each party.

CORT’s eye for design paired with Social Tables collaborative event software created an event that was smart, stylized and strategic. Their foresight into the wants and needs of customers created a seamless, zero-waste event that catered to hundreds of thousands of delighted fans.  

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