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Want to Be a Hotel Event Planner? Here’s What You Should Know First

Are you looking to get into the events industry? Or are you a planner who’s trying to make moves? Either way, many hotels offer positions for event planners that utilize the many skills you probably already have. Read on to get a sense of what a hotel event planner does in their day-to-day and whether the position is the right fit for you.

A hotel event planner manages the space.

An event manager is responsible for all of the hotel’s events spaces including dining rooms, conference rooms, large ballrooms, and sometimes even concert venues. That means you need to understand the particular features and possibilities that are unique each room. You’ll also have to lay things out and keep them running smoothly.

Just keep in mind that every event will require its own carefully crafted approach to setup, technology, layout, and everything down to décor.

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You’re the one in charge of the events team.

To help pull all these events off, you’re going to need lots of help. From the cleaning staff to the catering crew, you’re in charge of all the team members who make the event run smoothly. To help make it happen, you’ve got to have a knack for hiring people on the inside and testing partnerships with third-party vendors on the outside (before a make-or-break event!). So you’re going to need some great communication and people skills to shepherd such a large team, especially in the hustle-bustle of high-stakes situations.

You bring in the clients.

No events, no job! That’s why planners in this role are also usually in charge of sales and marketing for the property’s event space. From answering incoming inquiries to networking at local professional events, pros at this position use their marketing and sales savvy to get their venue booked. But be prepared: Hotel’s don’t always have a large budget for print or online advertising. You have to be ready to go out there and shake some hands.

You plan the events.

So this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but… event managers also plan events. Hotel event planners work with their clients to dream up and execute outstanding events that stay in budget and meet expectations. From invitations and schedules to the food and drink, you’re going to be in charge of it all and you’ll be doing it back to back. That means you need detailed planning skills, a knack for delegating well, and above all, the ability to multi-task.

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You see each event through.

After all the intensive and detailed planning is done, it’s game time. Event execution is about planning for every situation and implementing the in-the-moment fixes that keep your shindig running full-steam ahead. We’re not going to lie to you: Flawless events are time-consuming and can be high-stress. (We’re preaching to the choir, we know!)

Oh, and in case you were looking for a flexible schedule ” just because conferences and professional events are usually during the day doesn’t mean you’ll be lounging come the weekend. You’re going to run plenty of other events that are at night or on weekends. Not to mention no one’s going to be covering for you. You’re the one who has to be hands-on during the event to keep staff, food, and proceedings running seamlessly and on time!

You tackle the unpredictable.

Event pros will tell you that the most trying part of the job is managing the unexpected issues that inevitably arise during events. From speakers that arrive late, to unexpected food allergies, or guests that didn’t RSVP “ there’s always a little something to keep event managers on their toes. So if you’re going to survive and succeed, you can’t dwell on the problem. You’ve got to tackle it with a can-do and can-solve attitude that keeps your guests and clients unaware that it ever happened in the first place.

Does it sound like a position for you?

Working as a hotel event planner will introduce you to a wide array of events that’ll stimulate your creativity and test your skills. If that piques your interest, then it might just be the gig for you.

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