Will You Be Living Large on an Event Planner Salary? The Numbers Say…

If you’ve considered a career in event planning, you likely know which degrees are perfect for the field and whether or not your personality is a match. But what does an planner earn? Keep reading to find out what you can expect as an event planner salary, plus some of the factors that will determine the numbers.

Let’s start with the average event planner salary.

Drumroll please: According to salary.com, the average planner salary falls somewhere between $52,299 and $71,370. And while that’s a considerable amount of money — especially for someone just entering the events world — it’s important that you consider the following when gauging how much you’ll actually be making.

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You have a degree in public relations and are a superb organizer — both of which are beneficial to your career in event planning — but how far will those assets get you? Coming straight out of college, the probability of you going straight into the role of event planning and earning $60k isn’t too high.

Your best bet? Ease your way into the event planning world by taking on a role as an Assistant Planner or Meeting Coordinator. By taking on one of these roles, you’ll be in a position to get some hands-on experience while not being entirely responsible for the events themselves.

Besides, the more experience you can obtain along the way, the more prepared you’ll be for the role of Event Planner or Events Coordinator (and the higher your probability of earning that $70k after a few years!).


Where will you be based? Cost-of-living plays a role in determining the amount of money you’ll be bringing in, so location matters. While the average event planner salary may be $60,400, it’s important you consider that rate may not apply to those living in remote areas like Montana or Alaska. It’s also important to consider that $60k doesn’t go a long way in a city like San Francisco.

Before committing to a city or state, do a bit of research and find out the cost of living and average salary for event planners in that area.

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Will you be specializing in weddings or parties? Maybe corporate events are more your niche? Depending on your specialty, you could make closer to $50k or upwards of $100k. That’s quite the discrepancy! Just make sure you pick the focus that’s most likely to both bring in enough money and hold your interest. Nothing leads to burnout faster than boredom.

In order to accurately gauge your potential salary, it’s important you consider your location, the cost-of-living, and the demand for your specific planning focus. Meaning, if you’re a wedding planner in the Beverly Hills area, your clientele and the frequency of events is going to differ greatly from an event planner in Sioux Falls.

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Just like any other profession, you’re not going to get the salary you want without working for it. So how bad do you want it? If your dream is to be the top event planner in your area, you can do it. You may lose a lot of sleep and it definitely won’t happen overnight, but anything is possible. With the right amount of focus, determination, experience accrued over time, and ambition, you can earn a lofty living and exceed the average event planner salary.

Whether you continue on with your dreams of being a successful event planner or change your path in the events world, gaining some clarity on what your potential salary will be is key to planning your financial future.

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