Monday Motivation: 50 Ideas for Wedding Decor Under $50

No matter how much event or wedding planning experience you have, you can create beautiful wedding decor for any client, regardless of their budget. Most newlyweds spend around $2,141 on flowers and decor combined. But these creative and affordable wedding decor ideas can help you slash that number in half. 

Discover 50 Budget-Friendly Wedding Decor Ideas

No matter how much your event planning client is willing to spend, there are tons of great affordable and DIY options for any wedding style.

1. Crystal Pendant Rainbow Catchers

Hang them from chandeliers, tree branches, or wall sconces in well lit rooms to add a touch of magic and color to the space. 

2. Upcycled Trunks

Large or small, vintage suitcases can be used to artfully hold cards, wine bottles, and family photos. Overfill one or two with flowers and surround them with candles for a romantic photo booth. 

3. Rhinestone Ribbons.

Add some affordable sparkle to table runners. Or use rhinestone ribbons to accent either side of the ceremony aisleway. 

4. Sequin Fabric Photo Booth Backgrounds

Make sure have extra large utility clips in your day-of event kit to secure it to a frame or wall. 

5. Floating Lace Umbrellas

If the chosen wedding or reception venue is small, draw the eye upward by adding lace umbrellas to the ceiling. Or hand them from tree branches outside for a magical look. 

6. Plastic Diamond Table Scatters

Small and sparkly, these little accents can fill out space around tiny centerpieces, making them more impactful and interesting. 

7. Themed Paper Drinking Straws

Order striped ones that match the wedding colors or stamp on the happy couple’s initials. They even have ones that look like birch trees

8. Glitter and Paint Dipped Feather Bunting

These are glam and unexpected, a great choice for clients who want their table decor to be a little more memorable. 

9. Organza Chair Bows

If you’re pinching pennies for chair quality, artfully cover up the backs with these giant eye-catching additions. Here’s how to tie them if you’re putting them on yourself. 

10. Metallic Foil Fringe

Add this fun wedding decor item to reception seating or buffet tables for a little extra flash and pizzazz. 

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11. Mini Wooden Craft Clip Hearts

They’re pretty and practical too. Guests can use them to mark their drinks or you can turn them into table markers at smaller weddings. 

12. Mason Jar Candle Holders

They add understated character and are highly versatile. Plus, mason jar decorations are very popular, so your bride will likely already be thinking about them. 

13. Flower Garland Table Runners

Opt for faux silk flowers or even just the petals. If the reception is outside during the evening or in a venue with moody lighting, guests probably won’t notice they aren’t real. 

14. Centerpiece Crates

Similar to the trunks we mentioned earlier, crates can be used to display any number of wedding items and go well with a rustic theme. 

15. Oversized Tissue Paper Pom Poms

If your clients are into whimsy, consider throwing in some hanging pom poms. They work well in clusters or stringed together in a garland. They can also be used to define the kids section. 

16. Large Painted Monogram Letters & Shapes

They can be displayed at the entrance or  on the gift table. They also make great photo props

17. Faux Greenery Table Decor

This is a great option for fall or winter weddings when bright, blooming flowers aren’t as appropriate. 

18. Playfully Mismatched Fabric Table Bunting

Combine polka dot, striped, small print, and solid color fabrics in the official wedding colors to make tables look more festive. 

19. Cascading Chandelier Ribbons

Whether you go for a rainbow of colors or stick to monochrome, ribbons look beautiful in airy outdoor venues. Get extra wide ones (6 inches) if you really want to make an impression. 

20. Wooden Signposts

Some wedding and reception venues are easier to find than others so be sure to factor in signage as part of your event design. A well made wooden signpost can be like an event’s first impression, so you want to make sure it represents the theme and welcomes attendees all at the same time. 

21. Family Photo Collages

They’re one of the most meaningful wedding design elements but they can often get pushed aside or look lackluster on the display. Look into these creative ways to display family photos at weddings to get inspired. 

22. Nature Table Markers

Smooth river rocks, single stem dried flowers, acorns, mini pumpkins, and pinecones are affordable (and sometimes free). Just make sure you do a little research because some of these elements require advanced prep. For example, if you’re using pinecones from someone’s backyard, you’ll want to bake them before putting them anywhere near the guests’ plates. 

23. Partial Balloon Archways

Balloons are cheap but helium adds up. So if your bride or groom still wants to use them, consider doing a partial display and adding in some greenery, going monochrome but mixing up the sizes, or even dipping them in glitter.  

24. Farmer’s Market Votives

Cut into fresh apples, squash, or citrus fruits to make delightfully cheap and fragrant candle holders. Just make sure you have event staff or assistants available to help prep them the day of because they might not sit well overnight. 

25. Upcycled Tin Can Utensil Holders

Fill them with real or electric tea candles. Or hang them around individual light strand bulbs to cast interesting patterns at night. 

26. Faux Monstera or Fern Leaf Placemats

Sandwich them between one larger and one smaller placemat to add dimension to the tablescape. 

27. Vintage Lace Chair Covers

These are great if your client likes a shabby chic look. They lay nicely on the seats themselves or can be draped over the top if they’re large enough. 

28. Homemade Teacup Candles

Use them for centerpieces or table accents. Just make sure to leave them unscented if they’re going to be burnt near food. 

29. Upcycled Book Sculptures & Stacks

Rummage and library sales are filled with outdated books that could use a little extra love. Choose classic titles and try distressing them to make them look like they go together. 

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30. Paper Lanterns

There are some very popular Ikea ones your clients might like that you can put through tree branches and lining walkways. But you can also go a step further by cutting out shapes from single sheets of paper and placing them around tea lights for a little extra tabletop drama. 

31. Fallen Tree Trunk Slices

Add height to buffet tables, define your centerpieces, or simply stack them and put a candle with some greenery on top. Here’s a great tutorial on how to safely make them yourself. 

32. Submerged Flowers & Floating Candles

Nothing beats a cylinder vase with some underwater baby’s breath and twinkling lights above it. 

33. Wine Bottle Centerpieces

These will need to be collected over time from the clients, their families, and maybe even some restaurants. Outfit the clean, empty bottles with themed fabrics, bows, and other on-theme accessories. 

34. Dry Goods Hurricane Fillers

Split peas and terrarium gems are affordable additions to these pieces. Or you can use them to serve scoopable treats (marshmallows, candies, etc.) on a buffet. But if you want more ideas, check out this article

35. Succulent Centerpieces

Succulents are a highly affordable, statement making plant that you can use individually as favors, clumped together as centerpieces, or hung from windows and ceilings. 

36. Monogram Letters Wrapped in Colorful Yarn

A twist on the old standby, these letters add some nice softness and texture to displays. 

37. Seasonal Wreaths

These are great all year round and can be customized to the theme. 

38. Hanging Glass Bottles

Fill them with flowers, candles, or pearls. Pretty much any type of bottle will work as long as you secure them well and don’t put them above areas where guests will spend a lot of time. 

39. Origami Canopies

These are time and labor intensive, but if you have a lot of helping hands these always come out looking gorgeous, especially when they catch a slight breeze. Cranes, hearts, and kusudama flowers are best for weddings, just make sure to find tutorials specifically for beginners if you’re enlisting outside help. 

40. Paper Heart Sticks

Dainty and sweet, they can be used to decorate cupcakes, line an aisle or driveway, or even as table markers when placed inside folded napkins. 

41. Sheer White Fabrics

A well draped fabric adds drama to any setting, especially weddings. And if you’re going for a natural minimalist look, you won’t need too much else to compliment it. Twist it around trees, drape them across doorways, or create flowy canopies. 

42. Wood Pallet Event Agendas

Don’t tell your clients this but most wedding guests are just as excited for the food as they are the ceremony, so make sure you help them out by displaying the agenda for the day in a way that’s easy to see and read. Use classy stencils or grab a calligraphist to dress up cheap pallets

43. Top Budget-Friendly Tablecloths With Textured Runners

You can often hide fabric quality on a tablescape by first setting out your solid, neutral colored and less expensive base then covering it with a runner that is a little nicer or more interesting. 

44. String Light Walls

Cascade multiple fairy or holiday string lights down a wall you’d like to cover to hide venue imperfections or create a statement. Add some organza to the sides and top for an even more refined look. 

45. Chalkboard Welcome Signs

Go with smaller table top ones that come with display stands. And if you use permanent chalkboard paint or seal it with a clear coating, your clients will have an extra wedding keepsake to take home. 

46. Sophisticated Pinatas

Disco hearts, rose balls, and hot air balloons are just some of your many creative (and surprisingly classy) wedding pinata options. 

47. Burlap Table Runners

You can use plain ones but there are also some great pre decorated options with lace trim or polka dots if you want to save a little time on the DIY. 

48. Faux Vintage Keys

Add faux vintage keys to door handles, tie tags on them for seat markers, or cascade them across a family photo display table. 

49. Dried Pampas Vase Fillers

Pampas is a type of light brown (and sometimes pink) dried grass available in a range of fluffiness that looks stunning on its own but can also be used to fill out long stemmed flower arrangements. 

50. Woven Boho Tapestries

If you’re looking to add more texture to your wedding design, look no further. These are really affordable and are often made into tapestries but you can also find them in doorway decor form or as hanging plant holders. 

Now you’re ready to help all of your clients fall in love with their wedding decor! 

With these ideas in mind, you’re ready to explore even more professional wedding planning related topics. For beginners, we suggest you review these basic must haves for all wedding contracts before you officially begin your planning process. You can also bookmark this handy wedding planning checklist to help serve any client, no matter what they’re looking for. And finally, you’ll probably run into a couple who wants to host their wedding or reception at an outdoor venue, so be prepared for that scenario ahead of time.

Once you’ve covered all these bases, you’ll be ready to take on even more wedding clients soon! And, if you want to save time finding the best venues for your wedding clients, visit Wedding Spot’s helpful wedding venue finder.

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