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Tips Tuesday: 27 Creative Ways to Impress Event VIPs

Experienced event planners know that VIPs get special treatment often that the bar for great experiences is fairly high. The good news is there are lots of creative ways to impress and manage your event VIPs, all while staying within your budget. Here we explore some VIP gift, experience, and marketing ideas to inspire your…

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Friday Finds: 15 Unique 2020 Event Design Trends

Looking for some fun ideas for your next event? These unique options have all your choices for event space, catering menu, gift bag, attendee experience, sponsor proposal, and even playlists covered.  15 Totally Original Ideas for Event Design You Might Just Have to Try  Sell out tickets and impress event goers with these creative event…

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Tech Thursday: 22 Creative Ways to Use Event Diagrams

Are you using cutting edge tools like event diagram software to make your event the best it can be? If not, you should let this amazing tool do the measuring, adjusting, and synthesizing of your next event layout for you.  Event diagramming software can also bring your event to life, maximize venue space, and help…

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Tips Tuesday: 6 Event Planner Resume Must-Haves

As an event planner, you’re a natural at writing to-do lists, focusing on the minor details, generating big ideas, and problem-solving on the fly. But when faced with the task of writing a resume, do you freeze up like a swan ice sculpture at one of your events? This is common, whether you’re a seasoned…

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Friday Finds: 40 Amazing Gift Ideas for Event Planners

Event planners dedicate their lives to executing the events of their clients’ dreams and such a task is grounds for giving them a token of appreciation. We’ve compiled the top 40 gifts that are perfect for planners and their busy schedules. Find that one-of-a-kind present for the event planner in your life or treat yourself…

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Friday Finds: 15 Ways to Set the Right Price for Event Tickets

One of the biggest event planning challenges you’ll face during the entire process is finding the sweet spot for your event ticket prices. They need to be priced high enough that you can make a profit and prove more return-on-investment, but low enough so that your event’s attendance will be stellar without creating a perception…

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