IMEX America: What's In Store for the Future of Meetings and Events?

IMEX America: What’s In Store for the Future of Meetings and Events?

Are you just as excited as we are about heading out to Las Vegas for IMEX America? One major benefit we always get from attending IMEX America is the world-class education sessions about hot button topics within meetings and events. So, what’s in store for the future of meetings and events? Here’s what we’re looking forward to learning about at IMEX America.

1. Driving results at the intersection of attendees, innovation, and meetings  

One topic that isn’t escaping IMEX anytime soon is event technology’s impact on attendees and meetings. One of IMEX’s event themes is, “Purposeful Meetings” where they’ll explore how to plan meetings with meaning and innovation in mind.

What does this theme hint at for meeting professionals? One conclusion we’re drawing is that planners and their clients are seeking to host more meaningful gatherings. With some corporations slashing events budgets but the importance of meetings remains, means that many planners are having to prove the ROI more stringently. Moreover, planners are looking closer to event design to understand how to make their events more enjoyable with clear, positive results.

Education Session to See:

Purposeful Meetings: From Theory to Application, Monday, October 9, 1:45 PM

IMEX America: What's In Store for the Future of Meetings and Events?

2. Technology’s greater impact on how future hospitality and events business is conducted

The hospitality and events industry is forever interwoven and both are enjoying a renaissance all thanks to technology. Moreover, hoteliers are making greater investments in group business. And in order for planners to be competitive to rise to meet those needs, they must be armed with technology to keep up with the pace.

Not only is technology supporting how events business is booked and measured, it’s also impacting how business is conducted. The fully automated event, from planning to execution, is quickly becoming a reality and planners stuck in the analog world of planning are left wondering how to stay ahead of trends.

Education Session to See:

Future of Meetings and Hospitality: Predictions from the Industry’s Most Influential Leaders, Tuesday, October 10, 4 PM

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3. Growing concerns about the sustainability and corporate social responsibility of events

One area of the events industry that continues to concern those that put them on: sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Meeting and event professionals know that events can be incredibly wasteful and have a potentially negative impact on the world around us. Aside from environmental impacts, event professionals are left wondering how to mobilize large groups of people (for example, at an event) to support their local communities. What we’re seeing is that sustainability and CSR initiatives when planning an event is no longer optional. If you want to learn innovative ways to incorporate more environmentally-friendly and community-driven events, IMEX has an entire track dedicated to the issue.

Education Session to See:

Getting Started with Sustainable Events, Wednesday, October 12, 12:30 PM

Are you attending IMEX and want to learn more about the future of events and hospitality? Join Social Tables’ education sessions on Tuesday, October 10 at 4PM and Wednesday, October 11 at 4PM!

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