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15 Catering Instagram Accounts Every Event Professional Should Follow

These days, there are two types of catering companies out there. Those that know how to use Instagram and those that don’t.

Sharing beautiful event photos on Instagram doesn’t mean you know how to execute a complex catered event, but it can be a powerful marketing tool. If you’re just starting your event catering business and getting on Instagram, or if you’re trying to step your social media game up, start by following the best Instagram catering accounts – those that have mastered the platform.

Discover the Best Instagram Catering Accounts for Event Inspiration

1. Bites and Bashes

Bites and Bashes is a catering and events company based in Los Angeles that offers event coordination and cuisine by Cordon Bleu-trained chefs. Their Instagram feed features plenty of up-close images of their culinary creations and you’ll have a tough time scrolling through it without getting hungry! 

Instagram: @bitesandbashes

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2. Contemporary Catering

Contemporary Catering is an award-winning LA-based catering company focusing on local, organic cuisine for weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, and private dinners. They’ve been active in the LA area since 1997, catering events at venues such as the W Hollywood Hotel and the California ScienCenter. With a whopping 35k followers on Instagram, their account is a must-see for anyone in the catering industry. 

Instagram: @contemporarycatering

3. Your Platter Matters

Your Platter Matters is a catering company based in Australia that is known for creating unique, eye-catching grazing tables. Megan Fernandez started the company when she was looking for a way to combine her creativity and love of food. The Your Platter Matters Instagram page features photos of many of the platters and spreads they’ve created for events of varying sizes. 

Instagram: @yourplattermatters

4. Modern Art Catering

Modern Art Catering say this about themselves: “We’re more than a catering company. We’re culinary artists, purveyors of affordable luxury, creators of fun epicurean happenings.” Their belief that all events should be special is shown in the pictures on their Instagram feed. True to the name of the company, many of their culinary creations look like works of modern art! 

Instagram: @moderncatering

5. 24 Carrots Catering

Much more than just an enjoyably punny name, 24 Carrots is known for phenomenal food, outstanding service, and exceptional venues. A southern California staple, they were nominated for not one but two BizBash awards this year. One look at their Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. Go for the food, stay for the amazing event layouts and table settings.

Instagram: @24carrotscatering

6. Heirloom LA

Heirloom LA is set apart by their commitment to local, sustainable farming. Their Instagram account is full of incredible colors, but not the bright, nearly neon hues that have taken modern catering by storm. Heirloom stays true to their namesake with an array of deep, tastebud tingling hues that put the a-r-t in party. You might even catch the occasional post including one of Heirloom’s furry friends. (Because who doesn’t love pups?) 

Instagram: @heirloomla

7. Patina Catering

As you explore the Patina Catering Instagram, you might just wonder whether this culinary all-star team also moonlights as a team of professional photographers. A full-service catering company complete with on-staff event planners and beyond, Patina fills their Instagram with a solid mix of jaw-dropping plating, picture-perfect table decor, and candid snaps from real-life events.  

Instagram: @patinacatering

8. Pink Avocado

What Pink Avocado Catering lacks in Instagram followers, they make up for by having by far the best business name on our list. Based in Austin, PAC pulls out all the stops with everything from dreamy gourmet cheeseburgers to elegant salads and everything in between. The brainchild (stomach child?) of Executive Chef Brent Schumacher, his 20+ years of experience brings the perfect combination of drizzle and sizzle to every event served. 

Instagram: @pinkavocadotx

9. Feast and Fetes

Looking for casual catering? Feast and Fetes might not be for you. This luxe catering company brings the utmost culinary class to every event, whining and dining attendees at galas, fundraisers, and beyond. Fueled by a team of 80+ classically trained chefs, F&F is a New York City icon that has made its mark on the city’s social scene. Today, they are the approved caterer for the New York City Public Library, the much-celebrated Harold Pratt House, and beyond. 

Instagram: @feastandfetes

10. C’est Si Bon Cakes

Time to take a break from your regularly scheduled culinary programming for a little cake-spiration. After all, no celebration is complete without a cake. C’est Si Bon serves up some of the best, baked and decorated by the very talented Sumera Ehsan. Poke around and explore towering cakes, tiers of joy, and even some curveballs like coconut brownies. (Warning: If you have a sweet tooth, it might be best to just steer clear.) 

Instagram: @cestsiboncakes

11. Bubble Food UK

We’ve filled this list with caterers from the U.S., but we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to some of the amazing caterers across the pond ” especially Bubble Food. Dubbed London’s leading creative food and event design company, Bubble Food combines culinary brilliance with dashing event design, for experiences that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are to attendee tastebuds. 

Instagram: @bubblefooduk

12. Kamper’s Kitchen

Did someone call for art-cuterie? Kamper’s Kitchen serves up scintillating charcuterie boards complete with unique, fruit-forward ingredients that give every creation the visual appeal of a fine floral arrangement. Charcuterie traditionalists should beware: These aren’t your mother’s boards. (But they will have you debating hopping on the next one-way to Fort Lauderdale to crash a wedding or two.) 

Instagram: @kampers_kitchen

13. Whoa Nelly

The name pretty much sums it up. Whoa Nelly serves up creative hors d’oeuvres, courses, cocktails, and cakes that leave mouths hanging open ” until it’s time to chew, of course. A few of our favorites from their Gram? We’ll take the fried pork belly skewers, short rib sliders, ahi tartare, lemon tartlets¦ who are we kidding? We’ll take it all! 

Instagram: @whoanellycaters

14. Haute Chefs LA

Haute Chefs LA lives by the slogan we believe the best things in life happen at the table. Well, when this dream team is catering, they most definitely do. But these chefs don’t just bring flavor to the table, they also pack an undeniably unique style that makes their Instagram worth the scroll. Far from your classic catering service, head chef Jeffrey Nimer’s unique background shines through in every dish, bringing his Lebanese upbringing and the flavors of his Miami hometown together in tasty harmony. 

Instagram: @hautechefsla

15. Budare Bistro

Let’s be honest: High-end, healthy catering is great. But occasionally, events call for a little indulgence ” and that means comfort food. Budare Bistro is the antithesis of just about every other catering Instagram account on this list. No tartares or bisques here, just Venezuelan-inspired treats for those days you want to live a little. (Just make sure attendees bring their Tums.) 

Instagram: @budare_bistro

Especially in the catering industry, Instagram can be an essential tool for marketing your brand and sharing your creations. Making effective use of Instagram, as these companies have, can allow you to reach and inspire a group of potential customers you may never have been able to reach otherwise.

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Now you’re ready to get the perfect idea for your next event from catering accounts Instagram!

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