How to Diversify Your Event Business

Is It Time to Diversify and Grow Your Event Planning Business?

In a competitive industry like events, one of the only ways that a business can gain an advantage is to appeal to a broader population through diversification of products and services. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to change up your offerings and make progress towards your long-term goals. Diversifying is advantageous as it allows you…

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Event agenda design ideas

Tech Thursday: Is 3D or CAD Event Software Best for Your Planning Business?

Standing out in the event planning industry takes more than on-demand creativity and top-notch organizational skills. Those are essential, of course, but the ability to share your vision—and fast—with current and potential clients is also critical.  To create shareable event visuals, planners and event designers turn to 3D event design software and CAD (computer-assisted design).…

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Illustration of DJ playing music on stage with audience cheering

14 College Event Ideas Students Will Actually Attend

Wondering how to throw events that college students will actually want to attend? It’s time to shift your perspective. Whether you’re an event planner, a professor or faculty member, or anyone else involved in collegiate affairs, these 14 simple yet effective college event ideas are just what you need to boost attendance and engagement. Whether…

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person holding up tickets for event

The Complete Guide to Early Bird Registration for Events

Successfully marketing an event relies on creating and capturing demand throughout the entire event registration process. Breaking down event marketing into stages allows event planners to appeal to different audiences at different times throughout the registration process. Starting with early bird registration offers, successful event planners generate buzz and accelerate sales in the earliest stages of the…

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rendering of person in crowd raising hand at corporate event

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Announcements

Looking for a guide to corporate event announcements? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about what corporate event announcements are used for, why they’re important, and what information you should always include (it might be less than you think). Plus, save time with 11 great corporate event announcement email templates you…

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