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Must have communication tool

Come together with both internal and external clients for a seamless planning experience.

Highlight your space during the selection process with custom 3D to showcase your university spaces.

Include scaled layouts for the facilities and set-up teams.

Social Tables - Event Diagramming Software

Grow your revenue opportunities

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Differentiate from competitors by bringing together your university's best offerings and the best in event technology.

Present clients with superior service and technology amenities.

Watch revenue per event increase by bringing together visuals for each upsell to a client.

Gain more insight into events

Bring together data from your CRM and your events to understand more about your attendees.

Visual seating, text alerts and our Check-In app come together to provide a full solution.

Gain visibility into your events to make sure every event goes better than the last.

Check-In - Mobile and Tablet


Florida State University’s Oglesby Union prides itself on being the community center of the university, See how they grew to servicing over 1,500 regular clients with the help of Social Tables.

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