The Venetian | Palazzo: Huge Events Made Easy with Social Tables

Since 2014, The Venetian |The Palazzo has hosted more than 2,000 events using Social Tables. With over a quarter of a million furniture objects added, The Venetian | The Palazzo demanded a level of stability previously unmet in event software. As a result, we collaborated to develop our new software platform, now capable of supporting 10x more objects within any event space.

Over the years, The Venetian | The Palazzo has found Social Tables to be pivotal in saving teams’ time. When they receive production vendors’ detailed PDF diagrams they instantly upload and accurately scale them to build out additional details, rather than re-creating each from scratch.

And, with the Favorites feature, they’ve created intricate buffet designs they can easily use again and again.

“Social Tables has been a valuable partner in that they have developed a software robust enough to handle our scale of business and nimble enough to improve drafting times."

Gary L McCreary, CMP, CPCE, CSEP,
Vice President Catering & Convention Operations

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This improved client experience has helped bring clients back for repeat and additional events, and increased the likelihood of them referring other clients.

Better events, together.

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