Social Tables Announces Groundbreaking New Desk Edition



Washington, DC (April 1, 2015) – — Earlier today, Social Tables, the award-winning hospitality software company, announced that it will be using its technology to build a new, cutting edge solution to help office workers across the world organize their desks.

At Social Tables, we believe in a world where office supplies come together to create messy desks, said Dan Berger, Founder and CEO.  To that end, we’re building a platform to help everyone create their work environment.

The new product will feature an out-of-the-box office supply library that will include paper clips, pushpins, stacks of business cards, dirty napkins, and even commonly used tchotchkes.

An early look at Social Tables: Desk Edition.

The feature I’m most excited about is the ˜shuffle’ feature that will automatically mess up my desk layout to make it even more realistic, said Sarah Ghessie, Operations Manager.

We have been doing shapes on a grid for a long time, so we figured that this is a logical extension of our technology into a greenfield market opportunity, said Matt McManus, Director of Product Management.

The Social Tables Product Team included Product Designer Julian Haddad who added: “It was really important to capture the user experience so we added several table materials, including mahogany, glass, and cheap Ikea crap.”

Social Tables: Desk Edition will be powered by the engine the company built for its event planning platform, and will feature a virtual reality mode that will simulate today’s office environment.

We’ve added audio layers to simulate hovering coworker conversations that have nothing to do with your work day, and integrated complex fluorescent lighting algorithms to bring to life the dark and dreary offices we’re all so used to, added Matthew Whittemore, Director of Engineering.

Social Tables: Desk Edition will allow users to render their desk environment in a powerful 3D visualization.

The coffee spill feature is what I know will sell the most, said VP of Sales Ram Parimi. This is a feature that I have heard requested time and time again by our most strategic customers.

I am most excited about the upsell opportunity. We are going to be bundling this powerful software solution with outdated and depressing cubicle furniture to ensure the office of the 20th century doesn’t disappear, said Tristan Cotter, Director of Account Management.

Social Tables: Desk Edition is expected to come out later this year. Early partnerships include 1-800-Got-Junk, Bruno’s Bobble Heads, and Starbucks.

Social Tables: Desk Edition was inspired, in part, by our CEO’s desk.



Claire Harrington, CMP

Manager, Messy Desks