3D Diagrams: Why Events Need Visuals During the Planning Phase

3D Diagrams: Why Events Need Visuals During the Planning Phase

What if there was a way you could bring to life that picture-perfect event layout tape you’ve always played in your mind, right down to the lights and entrée selections; walking through the space even?

Actually, there is a way. It’s called 3D diagrams, and it can be incredibly beneficial to event planners especially during the planning phase.


1. Accurate/better event planning

3D diagrams involve the use of visuals to create an imaginary event space before it actually happens. Visualization is a key element in event planning because it allows you to go through scenarios in your mind, one by one, to help create the ideal event setting you, or your client, have in mind.

The ability to visualize actual event rooms with furniture and décor makes it possible to see what works and what doesn’t.

And the upside is that you do not have to make round trips to the venue to find this out. All you have to do is take a virtual tour using a 3D diagram tool such as Social Tables 3D; it will reveal any loopholes, if any, in your design as well as show exactly what can fit in your venue.

Once you identify the main points, you will be better placed to address every little detail that may not be working before interior design actually takes place.

3D diagrams offer us virtual prototypes to work with, ensuring we completely visualize the setup (in three-dimension) which helps in understanding how everything will dovetail together. The result is pinpoint accuracy in our venue plans.

3D Diagrams: Why Events Need Visuals During the Planning Phase

2. Can see the attendees’ point of view and create a better experience

In marketing, there is an age-old concept that advocates for looking at ideas from the customer’s standpoint.

The reasoning is that you may think you have the best idea, whatever that may be, and assuming whatever you are looking to create is what everyone wants to buy. You even have a gut feeling to back it up. Unfortunately, the reality on the ground may reflect something entirely different and your vision only ends up being an illusion.

Hence, you need to walk a mile in the customer’s shoes to get a good feel of their journey from their viewpoint.

It is a theory that works well in every business, and the events industry is no different.

3D diagrams paint a good picture of our room plans, and while a subjective representation, taking a step back allows event and meeting planners to gain an objective view as seen from the attendee’s lens.

When it comes down to it, the attendees are the most important people at your event. And assuming their mindset when using 3D diagrams to map out your venue helps give you a crisp view of the setting from where they sit.

Whether it’s the attendee’s eyeshot of the speaker, the spacing between seats and tables, or view of others in attendance, 3D diagrams will certainly help you create a better experience for those in attendance.

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3. Allows you to get a real feel for the event

When planning an event, having a thorough understanding of the meeting space will, obviously, give you an edge. 3D diagrams are great tools that give planners a realistic feel for the event, meaning problems such as unrealistically spaced seating arrangement will be a thing of the past.

As well, properties can share visuals of their floor plans to give planners a better idea of what their event venue is really like. The benefit and convenience of this cannot be emphasized enough, especially when the event venue is not within the planner’s vicinity where they can just show up to assess it.

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