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the best fundraising ideas university campuses

Your Best University Fundraising Ideas Start With These 3 Events

University fundraising events are more important than ever. Why? Well, for one, traditional revenue streams for public universities are predicted to slow in the year ahead. That means those same universities will need to to bring out their best fundraising ideas and plan events flawlessly to diversify revenue streams in 2018. And it all starts…

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golf event planning checklist

University Event Planners: 4 Event Management Tips for Success

University event professionals produce events that run the gamut. Everything from scientific symposiums and art exhibitions to debates and visits by prospective students: academic event professionals do it all. Regardless of event type, each one requires a similar event management process. Regardless of event type, academic events require a similar event management process.Click To Tweet…

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How the University of Maryland Uses Social Tables

Why You Should Pursue a Degree in Event Management

Tomorrow’s professionals have a lot to look forward to by pursuing an event management degree thanks to the availability of academic scholarships, upward projected job growth, and high earnings potential when coupled with said degree. Below we dive into these three key areas, and learn how each step prepares today’s students for a stable career…

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