wedding planner working on laptop

23 Webinar Best Practices to Drive Attendance and Engagement

The most successful webinars are specific, interesting, and engaging. They have captivating hosts, cover relevant content, and provide attendees with invaluable information. But how do webinar organizers take an idea and transform it into an appealing virtual event? Which webinar best practices do the most successful virtual event planners and organizers follow?   We created…

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Top 5 Event Tech Strategies for Live Speaking Engagements

In this day and age, it’s almost unfathomable to host an event and particularly speaking engagements that fail to take technology into consideration in some form or another. Technology is a must, so it’s a matter of the extent and how it will be used. Technology is also being used in greater measures by speakers…

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Illustration of DJ playing music on stage with audience cheering

The Complete Guide to Hiring a Band or a DJ for Events

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a holiday party, the music you choose plays a significant role in the overall guest experience. Music impacts our emotions and well-being. It has the power to uplift spirits, raise energy levels, and foster a peaceful ambiance.   But choosing the ideal entertainment for varied events is…

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