Hotel CRM and Task Management Software

The best way to track sales performance and activity for small hotels. From the moment leads automatically enter via the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), your sales team can easily book them, send contracts, and execute events with S&C task management system and CRM.

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Hassle-free hospitality task management software

Create tasks from within your leads

Account for all the details by creating tasks from directly within your leads. View property availability and set due dates based on the information in each lead without ever leaving the page.

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Sales & Catering CRM users now enjoy far more flexibility to manage and win group business.

Eliminate repetitive work with task automation

Custom task automation settings enable you to automatically create tasks for your team when the status of a booking changes. Whether that's follow-up calls once a booking becomes definite, or confirmation of a lost booking, you can set workflows that work for you.

Simple task planning at the property level

The tasks panel keeps you informed about what needs to get done for every lead at your property, without cluttering the screen. Key information about each lead is always one click away.

Screenshot of Social Tables S&C CRM dashboard

Group Business: Now a Major Competitive Advantage.

Everything in one place

Bring your sales and operations teams together with integrations that place the Sales & Catering CRM at the center of your hotel’s business.

Powerful task assignment

Stay focused on the top priorities by assigning tasks that automatically highlight important accounts as soon as you log in to the system.

Easy-to-use interface

Save time and money when you give your team access to best-in-class customer management software that they can learn in minutes.

Group done your way

Receive leads automatically, close them fast, and generate custom contracts and BEOs instantly, saving hours in paperwork and headaches.

Regional venue management

Share contacts, accounts, and leads across multiple sister properties, and let your Regional Sales Managers close more group business.

Painless data migration

Take it easy while we migrate your data to the Sales & Catering CRM, so that all your customers are available from day one.

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In 2019, small hotels saw huge group business opportunities from the Cvent Supplier Network

$9B >$1B
RFP value submitted RFP value awarded

“The Cvent Sales & Catering CRM is a great fit for any hotel, regardless of logo. For anyone trying to manage leads and maximize their contract opportunities — their lives will be 100% easier.”

Jorge Nieves, Director of Sales, BN Management Co

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