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How will your hotel meet growing revenue goals with the same budget?

Grow group bookings without growing your team

Show off what your space can do, and how you’ll exceed expectations with professional 3D diagrams that take only five minutes to make.

Differentiate from competitors by bringing together your hotel’s best offerings and the best in event technology. (Check-In makes for a great added concession.)

Make use of that pre-function space! Watch revenue per event increase by quickly bringing together visuals for each upsell.

Social Tables - Event Diagramming Software

Streamline events and meetings with interactive collaboration

Diagram Collaboration GIF

Put operations on the same page as sales from ideation through execution with easy-to-use software.

Prove your space can deliver, even if the planner can’t come on a site visit. Bring the event to life showing every detail down to the outlets.

Provide clients a delightful experience with interactive collaboration that ensures the event exceeds their expectations.

Drive repeat business with superior events

Share scaled layouts, including real-time updates, with the facilities and setup teams for flawless execution, down to the mic location.

Provide a delightful experience with visual seating, text alerts, and our Check-In app that come together to provide a full solution.

Be prepared to handle surprises with finesse. Even adding plus ones is a breeze with real-time mobile access.

Social Tables Event Management Software


Boasting a total of 215 guest rooms, suites, and villas, and a sizable 14,000 square feet of event space, this luxury resort drives group sales with interactive, 3D floor plans that never fail to impress.

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