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Discover the best real-time collaboration platform. Streamline communication, store everything you need in one place that is accessible to anyone who needs it, and empower your team to succeed by connecting with clients and each other.

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What is a collaboration platform?

A collaboration platform is a type of software designed to help people working on a shared task to achieve their goals. Today, collaborative software creates a way to bring a whole network of people together online, and makes it easy for them to get work done. Collaborative software from Asana to Google Docs to Social Tables, saves workers time every day by easing communication and helping them prioritize work.


Collaboration platform benefits

This type of software is typically used for businesses, and promotes teamwork within projects and across workplaces, leading to many benefits. Collaboration platforms make it simple and fast to share information and learnings. In fact, according to a study by McKinsey & Company, implementing collaborative processes and networking tools improved productivity by 20-30% in global software development teams. Because everyone has shared visibility teams can eliminate back-and-forth email chains and calls, which saves everyone time. With the project-based teamwork that these platforms foster, there’s also less misunderstanding about each topic and more focus on top priorities. Plus, less redundant work happens!

Here’s a quick list of ways collaboration could help your business:

  • Ability to adapt to changes more quickly and pivot
  • Travel cost savings because of online communication
  • Faster access to experts as anyone can see relevant projects
  • Increased employee satisfaction because they’ll be more engaged
  • Accelerated business speed because with visibility decisions are faster
  • More profitability because more work can get done


Collaboration platform for events

When it comes to hospitality and events, collaboration platforms offer a robust range of features to complement daily tasks. Collaboration on event guest lists, event seating and diagramming, event marketing, and even event sales can help keep both venue professionals and event marketers in the know. With the ever-changing nature of events, this visibility is crucial to helping everyone make better decisions faster.

By using real-time collaboration hotels are able to show planners exactly how their events will fit in their unique venue. Meanwhile, planners are able to show clients exactly what their events will look like ahead of time, and make adjustments as the client provides feedback (i.e. move the stage to the right and our VIPs closer to the front.) You can even leave comments for each other right on the event setups. Plus, collaboration platforms empower you to keep all the information for your event in one place, and upload files such as photographs and videos for proposals, BEOs, and guest lists for your whole team to use.

And, on the day of the event, collaboration can ensure everyone gets the right meal, and also that even last-minute guests can find an open seat. And even after the event, collaboration makes it simple to duplicate event plans for ease of repeat setups. What used to take days of email chains and tons of phone calls, can now be completed in a matter of minutes!


Explore collaboration platform tools

Discover a number of helpful collaboration platform tools you can use from anywhere in the world.

Share in a way that works for you

Give view and edit access to team members, clients, vendors, and stakeholders however you see fit. You can choose to keep edit access in the hands of the experts or put your trust in your clients and let them bring their vision to life in the space.

Butterfly Sharing and Collaboration (1)
Commenting in Social Tables

Effortlessly keep everyone up to date

Diagrams and seating update in real time across all devices, so viewers can immediately see changes no matter where they are in the world. Users can leave comments and notes right on diagrams, and notifications alert your team to the most important updates.

Keep everything in one place

Store all the files that your team needs directly in Social Tables - from contracts, to floor plans and beyond. Keep your team on the same page from start to finish, and never deal with losing an email attachment again.

Online file management for events.

Discover collaboration platform examples

Explore a variety of collaboration software examples to see the benefits this type of platform can bring to your business or venue:

Slack is flexible communication software that connects teams across the globe. Their collaborative software is provides instant messenger functionality. So it makes workplace conversations super efficient. One really cool feature is that they offer flexible Channels and thread capabilities, that can help keep different conversations separate and organized.

There’s a reason 3,083 companies use Google Drive! This collaboration platform provides real-time document and file editing software, enabling teams to work together on specific projects and tasks. Changes from other users are instantly reflected to everyone who has access to a file, and intuitive commenting and versioning features help keep everything on track no matter the number of cooks in the kitchen.

Asana is thoughtful project tracking software that helps teams keep track of who is responsible for what. This tool makes it easy to assign tasks and break large projects down into smaller ones, and ultimately into individual tasks. They offer some integrations that can make it easy to combine with your existing software stack. And visual provide visibility of a project’s progression across teams, which makes it super clear if deliverables will be done on time.

Event Diagramming is collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue, and drives loyalty. Because event diagramming streamlines the event sales through setup process, STR found that hotels that use Social Tables generate 1.82% more F&B profit per occupied room on average.

See collaboration platform pricing

Because collaboration platforms vary so widely in terms of features and application, it’s hard to pin down a standard price range. Many – like Slack, Google Drive, and Asana - offer free versions with limitations, such as fewer GB of storage or limiting integrations and certain features. Some charge on a per user basis, such as Asana, which charges $25 per user per month for its Business plan.

Many collaboration platforms are included as features of a larger piece of software. For example, Cvent’s Event Diagramming (formerly Social Tables) includes all collaboration features alongside the world’s leading event diagramming solution - all for no added cost. No matter the price, the best collaboration platforms offer you more visibility into work across your company, and help teams get things done faster.


Explore how event collaboration tools such as Event Diagramming can help your event management and planning today!

Millions of unforgettable events begin here.

Entice clients everywhere

Sell a vision of your space and upsell on critical details with stunning, photo-realistic 3D diagrams.

Create custom diagrams fast

Provide a personalized experience and save time with templates, favorites, and customizable objects.

Keep event data clean

Save time and hassle with diagram versioning and version restore tools; and offer smart automation tools for seating, catering, and guest lists.

Perfect any size event

Confidently scale the attendee count and square footage for your event without a loss in performance.

Collaborate in real-time

Strengthen relationships by inviting clients or vendors to watch and comment as you make changes on diagrams they can see.

Keep everything in one place

Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish by storing files for any event in one place and seeing event history.

Count on us

Rest easy knowing a world-class customer services team is just moments away when you call, email, or message.

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Empower planners

Simplify setup with quick seating and check-in. Easily identify special guests and VIPs to offer an exceptional experience.

Provide exceptional service

Get the order right everytime and avoid stress about food allergies with simple meal management for your catering staff.

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Everything else you needed to know about collaboration platforms

What are collaboration technologies?

Collaboration technologies are software applications that facilitate creation, analysis, and information sharing between different users. Simply put these technologies make it easier and more effective to work together.

What is online collaboration?

Online collaboration occurs when two users communicate and work together digitally in an online space. One of the greatest benefits of collaboration platforms is that they make online collaboration easier and more productive.

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