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Must have communication tool

Your catering team can come together online with your vendors for seamless planning experience.

Create a floor plan library for your team.

Access events effortlessly from anywhere, any device, at any time.

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Impress your clients

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Make your proposals stand out and help customers see their vision come to life.

Present clients with superior service and technology amenities.

Watch revenue per event increase by providing custom table layouts and buffet designs.

Shorten your catering planning process

Create accurate room layouts and communicate your clients vision clearly.

Set expectations for all stakeholders involved in your catered event.

Manage every detail from buffet placement to table settings.

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Catering by Design: Saving time and improving communication with cloud-based event planning software.

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Plan for the unplannable with collaborative event software and accurate floorplans that make it easy.

  • Bring events to life with less stress.
  • Save time with simple software.
  • Win clients with impressive diagrams.
  • Build relationships with live collaboration.

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