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Save time with interactive collaboration

Share your vision with clients and connect over the conversation as they watch you make changes live.

Include scaled layouts for the properties and setup teams to ensure the event goes off without a hitch!

Give your team access to see and edit so they know exactly what to bring, down to the minute.

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Deliver a seamless experience without the stress

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Keep fresh, up-to-date information in front of your clients so that they are always on the same page, and impressed with your response time.

Use real-time updates to keep your team in sync about how to exceed client expectations. Switching something on the buffet? No problem, they’ll know in less than a minute.

Drive repeat business by executing seamlessly on the day of the event by easily accommodating surprise plus ones, and getting those special eaters the right meals (here’s lookin’ at you, gluten-free guest!).

Make growing revenue a piece of cake

Differentiate from competitors by bringing together your best offerings in more professional diagrams.

Watch revenue per event increase by bringing together visuals, whether it’s a stunning buffet or the perfect VIP tables, for each upsell to a client.

Gain visibility into your events data to make sure every event goes better than the last, and that you’re always staffed appropriately.

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Save time with a cloud-based event planning suite. See how Catering by Design, a powerhouse catering company whose prolific rise to the top of the industry is no surprise to anyone who has attended one of their spectacular events, did it.

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