The Ritz-Carlton: Diagramming that Changed Everything

Before the events staff at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes used Social Tables to plan its group events, making a change to something as simple as a floor plan took “an act of Congress.” Not anymore. In the one year since they started using the real-time diagramming and collaboration tools in Social Tables the team has successfully managed over 2,700 events.

As the Associate Director of Meetings & Special Events at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes it’s Tim Blunk’s responsibility to “take logistics and bring them to life.” This is exactly what Social Tables has helped him do.

Now that his team at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes can invite collaborators to view and edit event diagrams while they’re in-progress, they can easily accommodate the needs of planners, chefs, production, and banquet teams all at once. Meanwhile, they can dedicate more resources perfecting the most important event details.

While he wasn’t the first member of his team on the Social Tables bandwagon, Blunk was quickly won over when he noticed a difference in the output of his team. “You almost don’t realize how simple [Social Tables] makes your life when you have multi-day events. My usage has got to be double what it was,” he said.

With that extra bandwidth, Blunk and his team are freed up to improve relationships with new and existing clients.

“It was a normal day and, I received an email asking, 'Tim, can I fit a few rounds and buffets in this room?' I could have easily replied back and said yes. Instead, I opened up Social Tables, quickly sketched out the layout, and added him as a collaborator. I said 'I added your layout. Now you can use this diagram to keep on sketching your event. If you need help, I can train you and show you at the same time.'

Tim Blunk, Associate Director of Meetings & Events, Ritz-Carlton

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