Marriott East Lansing: Elevating Professional Client Engagement

Harvey S. Firestone once said, “success is the sum of details.” If you are in the event and meeting business, you know that overlooking seemingly inconsequential details can lead to a disaster. With the correct planning and tools, these tiny challenges can be overcome — which is exactly what the Marriott East Lansing has done by using Social Tables.

In the past, Diane Ferich, catering manager for the East Lansing Marriott (managed by Columbia Sussex), found herself dissatisfied with the quality of work she was presenting to her clients and staff. “Social Tables has allowed me to create diagrams in more detail than ever before,” said Ferich. “[Our] diagrams now look professional — they are cleaner and more specific than anything I’ve ever been able to provide.”

Since November, Ferich has created over 80 events in Social Tables for the 12,000 square foot property. “Small, simple aspects of a diagram that in the past had to be verbally communicated or hand drawn, taking up valuable time — such as plants and uplighting — are now a routine addition to our diagrams, saving me at least 2 hours of work per week.”

“Social Tables aligns perfectly with the Meetings by Marriott mission to ‘Lead the Future of Meetings by providing more social, mobile, and collaborative solutions. Meeting professionals like Diane are the reason we exist — there was a communication void as it pertained to event layouts that we stepped in to fill because our customers asked for it.”

Dan Berger, CEO, Social Tables

Diane shares these diagrams with her staff, who are able to access the plans on any computer mobile device. This same staff is then able to share the diagrams with prospective customers, increasing client communication and sales.

Better events, together.

Plan for the unplannable with the world’s most collaborative events platform.