Why 39 Live Nation Venues Rely on Social Tables to Create Unique Experiences

Live Nation Special Events is synonymous with producing extraordinary programming held at unique venues across North America. Crowds show up in the thousands for performances held in venues from the House of Blues to the historic Fillmore theaters.

Prior to partnering with Social Tables, Live Nation’s venues found their diagramming abilities challenging, to say the least. “The application we used before was so difficult to use that some chose not to utilize it at all,” recalled Jessika Ochoa, vice president of sales for Live Nation-House of Blues.

In an effort to ease that strain on valuable resources (such as time and employee stress), Ochoa decided it was time to find a new solution, and embraced a partnership with Social Tables.

“The day we moved our diagrams into Social Tables, I had two venue managers contact me to say how happy they were with the new product,” recalls Ochoa. “They went from avoiding our former software to drawing multiple diagrams in Social Tables in a single day.”

Jessika Ochoa, VP of Sales, Live Nation - House of Blues

Director of Event Sales for the Louisville Palace & Mercury Ballroom, Sydney O’Bryan, echoed Ochoa’s thoughts: “I literally gave up using our former program and started hand drawing our diagrams. Social Tables saves me an immeasurable amount of time.”

O’Bryan believes that the ability to give her customers a sense of ownership in their events through the collaboration functionality is a game changer. “Clients are participating in the planning process in ways never seen before,” she observes. “With the immediate access to resources such as Pinterest and industry blogs, they are designing and executing their events right alongside planners.”

“Social Tables’ collaboration and sharing tools helps me to add value to my client’s busy schedules by showing them that I am committed to their busy schedules by showing them that I am committed to their engagement,” says O’Bryan. “This collaboration fosters trust through open communication and strengthens my relationships with them.”

When initially approached by Social Tables, Ochoa was told that the company maintained a 98% customer retention rate. Impressed, but slightly suspicious of that number, Ochoa was eager to hear from her team about their interaction with the company upon deployment. Once the onboarding process began, she didn’t wait long to get her answer:

“We have never had a question go unanswered for longer than an hour — at any time of the day. All around, Social Tables gets an A+. The customer service is phenomenal. Support is always there to help and the online training guide is fantastic. We are extremely pleased with Social Tables, and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

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