The Liason Capital Hill: Winning Over Clients with Custom Proposals

Jeff Brainard, Area General Manager of The Liaison Capitol Hill, oversees the events team at this downtown hotel property. In his experience there, he’s worked with multiple proposal systems so he’s familiar with each of their pros and cons. What they all shared in common was that none of them were geared toward catering and events specifically, which was a significant market for The Liaison Capitol Hill. The standard proposal tool was the traditional model: lengthy word docs or emails, copy-heavy with limited visuals. These limitations didn’t help The Liaison to stand out from competitors. The opportunity presented itself to try something new.

“As a catering team, we were already avid Social Tables users. So when the opportunity came along to pilot the new proposal tool, it was a game changer. We were able to change the way we presented ourselves to prospects in a whole new way through customization.”

Brainard and the team took advantage of the proposal customization features that not only keep up with each different client they take on but also their ever-changing catering menu. “Propose is easy to access and visually engaging. Everything from how the pictures and floor plans are presented right down to the menu attachments. Everything is customizable so we can keep our menus up to date. Our clients receive a well thought-out proposal that is 100% customized for them, not a generic proposal with inserts and program detail,” said Brainard.

Since it’s so easy to create proposals, Brainard and the team can focus more time on customizing them for each and every client. Together with analytics, he and his team are able to track what clients are interested in most with theircustom proposals. “The analytics function allows us to see where our clients are spending their time when they view the proposal. This gives us powerful intel to know when it is best to reach back out to the client directly and better anticipate what questions they may have.”

With Propose, Brainard and his team have been able to set themselves apart from the competition as early as the proposal phase. Take it from the team at The Liaison Capitol Hill: your event offerings aren’t standard so why should your proposals be?

“Propose has made our selling process more efficient and helps us to stand out from our competition while simultaneously giving us a competitive advantage in understanding client behavior once a proposal is received.”

Jeff Brainard, Area General Manager, The Liaison Capitol Hill

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