Hyatt: Serving Properties Worldwide with Social Tables Sales Platform

Social Tables partnered with the Hyatt Hotels Corporation to help the hospitality giant better serve their event and meeting planning clients. A jet setting relationship between the meeting design software company and over 100 international Hyatt properties ensued. The following is a collection of short stories documenting the positive effect Social Tables has had on the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, the Hyatt at Olive 8, and the Grand Hyatt Seattle.

When the Hyatt Regency O’Hare team was stuck in their former diagramming relationship, they cringed at the thought of having to produce multiple floor plans. “Life before Social Tables saw us secretly hoping that a client wouldn’t ask us for a diagram, because of the hassle and time requirement our previous system demanded,” recalls Debra Schilke, the convention services manager at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.

Never one to let a bad relationship persist, Social Tables got to work training the Hyatt Regency O’Hare staff on what they were missing. For Schilke and team, it was love at first sight: “Thanks to Social Tables’ user friendliness, now we can whip up a diagram in no time. Our mentality has completely changed; now when it’s time to make a new floor plan, we say, ‘Great! We get to do a diagram! “We don’t remember life without Social Tables.”

Recently, the Associate director of Catering and Convention Services at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Alicia Lewis, found herself working on, “a very technical conference. I needed to work with a production company to help with foundational diagramming to ensure the client was happy with the results on the first try.”

Needing a quick and efficient solution for floor plan collaboration, Lewis invited the company to work on the layout with her. “The production contact used the Social Tables link to input the dimensions for the seven rooms we were using, after which he dropped the AV objects where he needed them.” Lewis then finished the floor plan without impeding upon the production teams needs, “Social Tables helped immensely with the planning phase, and as such allowed us to provide the customer with extra special attention to detail.”

Liv Larson, Catering Sales Manager, Grand Hyatt Seattle

Liv Larson is the Catering Sales manager for the Grand Hyatt Seattle and the Hyatt at Olive 8. Juggling two properties means juggling multiple clients, each with their own level of stress about creating the perfect event. Larson notes, “Social Tables is a great selling tool to assure clients that our space will work for their needs. If there are ever any questions about max sets, I can jump into Social Tables, amend the templates to my current client’s needs, and easily map out their setup. We like Social Tables. Our clients like Social Tables. We’re happy we have it.”

With a schedule like hers, to say she is busy would be a gross understatement. “Social Tables has freed me from my old routine of needing to schedule out time to create a simple diagram”, Liv gratefully notes. “My affinity for Social Tables is all about its efficiency: it’s so user-friendly that I can create a diagram and turn it around to my clients in what feels like seconds.”

“The fact that Social Tables is a cloud-based software is amazing,” Hannah Lajeunesse, the Meeting and Event Services Manager at the Grand Hyatt Seattle says, “where [our old program] was ancient and inefficient, Social Tables is user friendly and interactive. So many of us find ourselves taking our work home with us, and Social Tables makes it easy to finalize plans remotely.”

Liv Larson, Catering Sales Manager, Grand Hyatt Seattle

This offsite collaboration is especially helpful when Hyatt teammates find themselves working on the same room different locations: “Recently, a member of the AV team and I teamed up on a detailed diagram. “We weren’t in the same room, so being able to see what the other was talking about in real time was invaluable.”

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