How The Baltimore Ravens Optimized Staffing with Real-Time Check-In Data

Each year, the Baltimore Ravens host training camp events open to fans. After moving to a new practice facility, with fewer seats and fewer parking spots, the team needed a new way to invite fans, but also manage their numbers.

That’s why, they implemented a lottery system to invite select fans to pre-season practices, and turned to Social Tables to track attendees and operate check-in. The events team managed 1,000 fans at each practice, that could be checked-in at four separate entry points.

Each day, the events team would upload their list of lottery winners into Social Tables Seat, which made it possible to determine which attendees were VIP ticket holders, high-profile community members, or just members of the general public eager to see the Ravens play. Using both Seat and the Social Tables Check-In app the Ravens were able to easily process every attendee and make check-in a breeze for fans.

“It’s really important to us that the fan experience is great right from the start, and that it isn’t kicked off on a negative tone when fans have to wait 20 minutes just to be checked-in.”

Ilsa Marden, Events and Entertainment Manager, Baltimore Ravens

Beyond creating the best possible attendee experience, the team leveraged real-time check-in statistics in Social Tables to further optimize the process in the future. They now had instant access to check-in rates, attrition rates, and most importantly, peak check-in times. So, how did they leverage the data?

The team learned that for an 8:00 AM practice, the vast majority of fans checked in around 7:20 AM. As a result, the events team knew exactly how to staff parking attendants at this time. Now, they had actionable data which could be used to justify staffing costs only minutes after practice had started.

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