The Watergate Hotel:
95% of Dates Booked During Pre-build

Quick Stats

  • 17,000 square feet of meeting space support over 120 events per year
  • 2016 meeting space was 95% sold prior to doors-open
  • $117 million in revenue has been generated, all with the influence of Social Tables

The latest chapter for the infamous Watergate Hotel started when renovations of the entire property began in 2009. Part of the Watergate complex, the legendary hotel opened in March of 2016 after a $125 million renovation that included the addition of 100 rooms, bringing the total to 373, and 17,000 square feet of meeting space.

Seven years away from clients is a difficult landscape to walk into, but more challenging is selling a property that was considered a construction zone, requiring all site visits to be done with hardhats, with views of the skeleton of a promised modern, supremely chic property.

Outside of capacity charts and graphics imagining the future of the space, the sales team had the unfavorable task of selling the property’s meeting space to prospective clients.

That all changed when they found Social Tables. Senior Sales Manager, Caitlin Nicolson, could virtually walk a client through The Watergate Hotel via Social Tables, where she showed them everything from the room set of each breakout to the flow of the attendees. After seeing the space in Social Tables, they signed a $250,000 contract, site-unseen... and unwalked.

The hotel booked nearly 114 events for a total of over $117 million in pre-sold space, and “not one customer has been sold without the influence of Social Tables”.

“Nearly three months prior to doors open, and with the ballroom’s drywall still setting, 95% of all available meeting dates for 2016 had already sold out in the pre-build phase. Without a doubt, we have Social Tables to thank for every piece of that business. Every potential client is sent a 2D and 3D personalized diagram of their proposed meeting or event beginning in the proposal stage. Social Tables has been our saving grace in that it’s our visionary tool to share our property with customers before we can physically walk them through the space.”

Caitlin Nicolson, Senior Sales Manager, The Watergate Hotel

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