Where You Meet Matters: How to Strategically Pick the Perfect Event Destination

Webinar Recording

Rates, dates, and space — we’ve all heard it before. But thanks to radically shifting expectations, picking the right meeting location is no longer quite that simple. In this webinar, a panel of industry experts add a fourth element to the age-old equation and show you how you can use it to drive record attendance.

What you'll learn:

  • Discover smart, actionable frameworks from industry experts that drive 72% of potential attendees to attend an event.
  • Find out what 93% of event planners say is the key to choosing the perfect meeting location.
  • Get tips for working closely with CVBs to leverage local assets, venues, and knowledge economies.
  • Discover new ideas for laying out your event to create more collision spaces and drive attendee engagement.

Hosted by:

Dan Berger,
Founder, CEO,
Social Tables

Christine Shimasaki,
CDME, CMP, 2Synergize, Inc.

Kelly Peacy,
Insight Event Strategy

Colleen Phalen,
EVP - Program Development,
Destinations International

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