First Look! The Most Efficient Diagramming Tool

Pre-Recorded Webinar

What if the world’s most popular diagramming tool got even better and easier to use? That was the thinking that led to the latest upgrade to Social Tables Event Services Solution, the platform behind over 5,000,000 successful events. With a fresh new look, improved templating tools, and vastly more intuitive user controls—Social Tables has brought the future to the event diagram.

In this session, we'll explain how customer feedback helped take the world’s best diagramming tool to the next level.

You'll learn how to:

  • Save effort with newly-improved templates that you can create and edit in just a few clicks
  • Quickly locate all your favorite tools on one, convenient left-hand panel
  • Cut time spent diagramming in half with the world’s cleanest, easiest-to-use solution
  • Keep event data organized with smart automation for seating, catering, and guest lists
  • Communicate effortlessly with teammates by sharing and printing always-up-to-date diagrams
  • Customize every last detail, from floor plans to layouts to objects and logos

Hosted by:

Hanna Loucas
Product Manager
Social Tables | Cvent

Nick Farruggia
Product Marketing Manager
Social Tables | Cvent

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