18 Trends Shaping the Events World in 2018


Join along as we take a look at the 18 trends in group business and hospitality that are poised to have a huge impact in 2018.

Will the events industry continue to boom? Which fast-growing venue type is really going to wow my clients? Will Bitcoin and cryptocurrency make an impression on planners and properties? What is a micro-influencer, and do I want to invite one to my next event? Social Tables CEO, Dan Berger, and CMO, Trevor Lynn, answer these questions and more as they take a serious look into 2018.

What you'll learn:

  • The 18 trends that are going to change the way you plan events in 2018.
  • How to leverage these trends to wow your clients and gain a competitive edge.
  • Three doward trends we think are on the way out.

Hosted by:

Dan Berger
Founder / CEO,
Social Tables

Trevor Lynn
Social Tables

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