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Propose by Social Tables

Power smarter selling with collaborative proposal software so easy it feels like play.

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Win group sales with customized proposals so easy to make it feels like play.


Smart analytics help you better meet your prospects' interests with reusable branded assets.


Build in real-time together and pull existing rooms right from Social Tables Diagram.

With Social Tables Propose

Create personalized proposals that bring together the best your property has to offer while freeing up salespeople to spend more time with clients.

Propose by Social Tables
Propose - Catering Options

Allow catering to input the perfect F&B options simultaneously as marketing adds the best images and sales managers write descriptive room details. 

All possible with a cloud-based collateral library which enables easy re-use of your branded assets from your property’s top performing proposals.

Propose - Cloud Based Asset Library

Showcase Your Space

Showcase photos, floor-plans, layouts, room descriptions, menus, pricing, and timelines.

Promote Amenities

Easily emphasize benefits such as F&B, discounts and amenities.

Work Together

Collaborate and build together in real time.

Easy to Share

Show proposals to clients by sharing a live link. It even works on mobile!

Always Accessible

Ensure the best assets are used every time with a standardized cloud-based library.

Accurate Analytics

See when prospects view proposals and what pages they spend the most time on.

Build Proposals Fast with Social Tables Propose

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Propose, that you can share with your team.

Ensure winning quality from proposal through execution.

Show Off Brand Assets

  •  Floorplans 
  • Layouts & Capacity
  • Beautiful Photos
  • Your Logo & Branding
  • Catering Menus

Details Planners Care Most About

  •  Descriptions 
  • Event Timelines
  • Itemized Pricing
  • Concessions
  • Terms & Conditions

Boost Event Sales Overnight

Sales Success Platform

Get a demo to see how the Sales Success Platform will personalize and automate the event sales lifecycle.

  • Drive revenue with easy-to-use software.
  • Attract leads (at no extra fees!) through a curated network.
  • Build direct relationships with live collaboration.
  • Smooth hand-offs from marketing to sales through operations.

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