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What will free event planning software do for you?

Discover how free event planning software will save you time:

Live collaboration reduces painful back and forth

We believe that working together makes great things possible.

Social Tables' collaborative event planning software means you can make decisions and changes faster.

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Cloud-based access means updates happen everywhere

Social Tables Event Management Software

Your entire team can come together online to create and manage events from any location (even remotely from home!).

Your latest work is always instantly saved, everywhere.

User-friendly event planning software makes it easy to get up to speed

No training is needed for partners you add to collaborate on events such as vendors, other departments, etc. And, it's easy for new employees to catch on quickly.

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Less hassle, better expectations, and the products you need to be successful.

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Boost Event Sales Overnight

Venue Sales Platform

Get a demo to see how the Venue Sales Success Platform will personalize and automate the event sales lifecycle.

  • Drive revenue with easy-to-use software.
  • Attract leads through a curated event venue network.
  • Build direct relationships with live collaboration.

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