Unlock the Key to Group Business Insights Next Year: Leveraging Sales & Catering CRM

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  • How to leverage your S&C CRM to discover new group business opportunities
  • How to increase group demand for your property’s meeting spaces
  • How to attract the groups that will improve your bottom line
  • How to cut costs without harming your customer service or reputation
  • and much more!

If you had to name the most powerful tool you have for boosting group business at your hotel, what would it be? Your social media pages? Customer reviews? Your renovated meeting rooms? All of these things are helpful for increasing your group business, but pale in comparison to a simple tool that you probably take for granted: your Sales and Catering Customer Relationship Management software (S&C CRM).

Most hotels have some form of S&C CRM software, but few are using it to its full potential. A system that can at first glance seem like a glorified address book can actually be a tremendous source of customer data, revenue boosting ideas, effective cost cutting measures, and the key to group business success.

So how do you effectively use your S&C CRM to reach your group business goals? We’re drawing back the curtain on all the tips and tricks you need to boost your revenue, cut costs, and get groups consistently coming back for more.

Download our free eBook full of useful advice, proven strategies, and creative ideas for using your S&C CRM to its fullest potential.

Don’t miss this chance to unlock all the power of group business for your hotel. You’ll come away with a plan to attract new groups, boost revenue, and effectively manage your costs.

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