Upgrade to Event Services Solution

Get ready to upgrade your Social Tables account to Event Services Solution. Don’t worry, you'll still have access to all of your old events, diagrams, and floorplans.

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Improved Communication

Store your files in one place, and make it easy for your marketing, sales, catering, and event services teams to collaborate with clients.

Easy Attendee Management

Keep attendee lists accurate and accessible. Plus, make changes fast with bulk edits, such as grouping, deleting, seating, and checking in.

Comprehensive Diagramming

Create event diagrams with better detail in fewer clicks. Save time by switching layouts into any room, and duplicating events.

Get Ready with a Live Training Session

Ensure your team is prepared to make the switch. Sign up for a Live Training Session with our Customer Experience Team or watch a pre-recorded session right here, right now.

During training you’ll learn how to use all of your new tools including how to navigate through events, create diagrams, manage attendees, and use real-time collaboration. Discover all the time-saving shortcuts, plus ask any questions you have.

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Explore the new tools

  • Get results faster with quicker load times, improved table numbering and theater section labeling.
  • Manage complex events more easily with unlimited rooms per event and room thumbnail views.
  • Breeze through placing objects with an easier way to select multiple objects, to select one object within a group, and to lock dimension lines to objects.
  • Maximize diagrams’ size on print-outs or create a compact export using simple customization tools to ensure everyone sees the important information.

Getting Started with Event Services Solution

Download this reference sheet for a quick how-to on the most popular features in Event Services Solution. Print a copy for your desk.

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“Everything is a place where one can find it easily. Toolbar is on the top of the screen!!!”

“I like it. It has a lot more updated features than the current version. I see more than just the chairs and table count. I can see the details of my dance floor etc.”

“The object counts of everything are great. I love that part because that makes my life so much easier.”

Here’s What to Expect

Managing event information

Don’t worry, you will still have access to all of your old events. The diagrams and attendee lists you have in Social Tables today will stay exactly the same, safe and sound, working as they always have.

Legacy events will continue to open in the older version of our software, even after your account is provided access to Event Services Solution. To identify your legacy events from your new Home page just look for [VM2] at the end of the event name. You don’t have to recreate your old events from scratch. For your annual clients, just clone your legacy events into Event Services Solution to build from them, and update and change them any way you’d like.

Managing new attendees

We have a handy new version of our check-in app to accompany your Event Services Solution. Download the new Check-In app for iOS here to add your new attendee lists.

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