Ooh! Event's Innovative Way of Collaborating with Clients for Superior Events

Starting with the logistics of a dinner straight on through to the departure route, Terri Tezza and her team of 20 employees at Ooh! Events, plan and coordinate corporate events and weddings year-round. Their dedicated team walks clients through the plans, details, and logistics of each event from design concepts to venue selection, all with the goal of ensuring the event is one that won't soon be forgotten. So it goes without saying that Tezza's team has a lot to manage.

In order to streamline their planning process, Tezza knew her team needed something that was both user-friendly and easy for non-industry folks to understand. Her search led her to Social Tables where she discovered a simple way to diagram and seat while creating professional-looking diagrams that clients could quickly grasp (and love). By seeing their vision come to life in a matter of minutes, clients could finally picture all the personalized details Tezza's team had incorporated, and fully understand why the venues they proposed were the perfect fit.

The layout feature creates easy floorplans for me to make, and for clients to understand!

Terri Tezza, Ooh! Events

"The layout feature is what I use most on a day to day basis. It creates easy floorplans for me to make, and for clients to understand!" shared Tezza. By whipping up a diagram featuring any of over 700 objects and custom furniture, and then saving it as a layout, Tezza's team is able to reuse it as a jumping off point for future diagrams. This is a major timesaver and facilitates a great discussion with clients, who don't have to wait around to see what their event could look like in the space.

And, through live collaboration Tezza is able to show the diagram directly to her clients in the software. Then, they can provide feedback, and watch along as Tezza makes changes immediately, to ensure the event setup is exactly what they had in mind all along. So if a table needs to be moved a few feet or they'd prefer a VIP to sit somewhere else, the client can watch as the diagram is updated, resulting in an exceptional customer experience: one where they feel fully heard! "It is supremely helpful when communicating your ideas with clients!" said Tezza.

It is supremely helpful when communicating your ideas with clients!

Terri Tezza, Ooh! Events

Now, the Ooh! Events team is able to spend extra time building relationships with clients and uniquely deliver on their brand promise: collaborating with like-minded corporate professionals to provide clients with inspiration, streamlined logistics, and unparalleled value. Nice work!

Better events, together.

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