Visual Hotel Marketing: Your Newest "In" with Millennial Planners

Millennials are gravitating towards visual social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Social media posts with relevant images get 94% more views than content without visuals. Take a close look at your marketing materials. As a property, are you producing the kind of visual hotel marketing content that’s suited for faster visual consumption?

Imagery is inherently more digestible than text. You could spend paragraphs describing event space sizes, flexibility, and the amenities you offer, and planners won’t be convinced. Modern planners don’t want to pour over charts and tables to get a sense for which ballroom is right for their event. Start with the best photographs of your venue, and display them side-by-side with a diagram, publicly available on your site. As planners and sales reps grow more accustomed to editing floor plans during the sales process, think about how you can use those same diagrams as part of your visual marketing strategy.

Within your visual hotel marketing, include a variety of room-set designs online, and make them accessible for planners to use as templates. If you can share examples of a variety of event styles, planners will be reminded of similar events they’ve pulled off in the past. This serves as creative social proof that illustrates why your venue is a perfect fit.

The best thing any hotel can do to prepare for the coming year is to figure out how to be less of a commodity. Hotels are not just buildings, so how can you prove that to clients? The answer is by connecting, humanizing, and personalizing the client experience from the first to the final interaction.

Using interactive diagrams as a sales tool to better visual hotel marketing is about much more than offering a visual aid. It’s about giving your clients control over your space, and thereby giving them a sense of ownership, long before they’ve signed a deal.

Think visually to tell your story, and more importantly prove to planners that your property is the best choice to tell the story of their event. That’s where you can help guide their event plans as a partner and advisor, not just a common sales rep that thinks transactionally.

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David Budimir

David Budimir is the Content Marketing Manager at Social Tables. He’s probably enjoying a messy burrito at this very moment.