6 Hotel Sales Books Every Hospitality Professional Needs to Read

6 Hotel Sales Books Every Hospitality Pro Needs to Read

There’s plenty you can learn on the job when it comes to hotel sales. But what you can’t learn on the job, you can supplement with hotel sales books. Here are the top six hotel sales books every hospitality professional needs to read.

1. The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience

With over 100 reviews and a 4.5 out 5 star Amazon rating, Joseph A. Michelli’s book is one of the top-rated hotel sales books. It delves into who the Ritz Carlton’s executives and staff members are, and what leadership looks like at every level of the behemoth hotel brand. Best of all, readers can learn what it takes to be successful in the world of hotels from the Ritz point of view. The book is best-known for teaching four key lessons:

  1. The evolving needs of the customers
  2. How to empower employees
  3. Anticipating customer concerns and needs
  4. Developing an outstanding training program

This is a must-read book is ideal for any hotel sales person on any level of the organization, from newcomers to seasons professionals.

6 Hotel Sales Books Every Hospitality Professional Needs to Read

2. Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a 5-Star Customer Service Organization

Great customer service can boost revenue but do you know how?

Learn how to increase your hotel sales revenue by delivering exceptional service in this tell-all. Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon deliver the secrets of building a five-star customer experience at any hotel. It currently has over 80 reviews and a 4.5 out 5 star Amazon rating. In a nutshell, the book focuses on developing customer loyalty and why it is so crucial for any hotelier.

3. 100 Tips For Hoteliers

A leader in the hotel industry was attending a business conference and was surprised his hotels didn’t meet his standards. As a response, he sat down and penned this work on what every successful hotel professional needs to know and do. This person was Peter Venison.

Venison has previously written other books for hoteliers that have since become gold standards for teaching hotel management. This follow up book details one hundred tips he has, both from his experience as both a hotelier and a hotel customer.

Drive direct group sales 
and foster planner loyalty.

4. The Heart of Hospitality

This book by Micah Solomon is a guide written by leading hotel and restaurant leaders who share their secrets in one volume. A few of these leaders include executives across some of the top hotel brands including the Four Seasons and Virgin Hotels. For hoteliers looking to navigate the inner workings of hotel customer service or how to adapt to hotel industry trends, this book is it.

5. Revenue Superstar! The Simple Rules of Hotel Revenue Management

What are sales without revenue? Learn how to manage them like a pro with this book by Johan Hammer. It ascertains that questions and dilemmas have more attainable answers than most hoteliers think. The book teaches how to:

  • Ask the difficult questions
  • Seek answers that will safeguard the financial health of the hotel
  • Ensure room bookings are optimized for any season

Hammer has over 10,000 hours of experience in hotels and has answered some of the most complex of questions that any revenue manager would find challenging to answer.

6. Sales and Service for the Wine Professional

Need a hotel sales book that helps maximize your spirit sales? Check out the newest edition by Brian K. Julyan that shows you all aspects of wine from the vineyard to the glass to the check. It is a valuable resource for sommeliers, hotel managers, food and beverage managers, and others.

Is there someone in the hotel sales industry you admire? Ask which hotel sales books are mainstays on their bookshelves and get to reading!

Do you have any favorite hotel sales books? Leave us a link in the comments below or on Twitter!

Drive direct group sales 
and foster planner loyalty.

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