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waiter carrying a tray with wine glasses at a donor event

University Donor Events: 8 Steps to Plan Them Perfectly

8 Key Steps for Planning Donor Events Determine the purpose.Establish the event objective.Keep costs in check.Appeal to the guest list.Plan the donor event carefully.Use VIP as leverage.Execute the event flawlessly.Show gratitude. Universities host a variety of events, but none as important as donor events. That’s because donor support is vital to institutions of higher education: Philanthropic…

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budgeting for different event ideas

15+ Event Ideas to Help You Wow Attendees on a Budget

Events serve an important business purpose. They help establish a brand, market products, gain clientele, raise funds, and increase employee morale. Luckily, as important as events are, they don’t have to break the bank. Here are some tried-and-true event ideas to help you wow attendees and bosses on a tight budget. Event Ideas for Themes…

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University Event Planners: 4 Event Management Tips for Success

University event professionals produce events that run the gamut. Everything from scientific symposiums and art exhibitions to debates and visits by prospective students: academic event professionals do it all. Regardless of event type, each one requires a similar event management process. Here are four event management tips for university event planners to consider. Regardless of…

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