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Posts by Nick Farruggia

Save Hours When You Swap Layouts Between Floor Plans

It happens. You’ve put several hours into a diagram, and suddenly there’s a change in the schedule. The floor plan you originally had in mind is no longer available. Time to start over, right? Not with Social Tables. Now, our event diagramming tool lets you swap your existing layout into a different floor plan effortlessly.…

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Save Time with Theater Row Template Default Updates

Recently, we updated our software to allow your team’s admins to specify standards and set measurements for trade show booths for the rest of your team to use. Well, we heard from you that this feature would also be useful for theater row template defaults. So we made it happen! How to Save Time With Event…

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Save Time with New Trade Show Booth & Chair Spacing Tools

Occasionally, we’re able to make simple changes to our software that nevertheless greatly improve our users’ experiences. We’re happy to say we’ve made two such changes with our latest round of updates to our space planning software—specifically to our trade show booth template defaults and chair spacing tools. We’re certain they’ll help you get work…

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Improved Diagram Exports

Product Update: Faster, More Capable Diagram Exports

Though we think of ourselves first as a cloud-based technology company, we are also keenly aware that Social Tables users spend most of their working hours away from a computer. Nowhere is this clearer than in the way our users prefer to interact with their diagrams. Export is one of our most popular features. Tens…

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Product Update: New Search Filters and RFP Tools

A client is asking you to plan a large event that may draw as few as 133 attendees or as many as 755. You’re concerned. That’s a pretty huge range—so sourcing event space flexible enough to accommodate such a gap could be a real challenge. That is, until now. With the latest updates to the…

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