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Top 5 Leadership Keynote Speakers

9 Steps for Delivering a Successful Event Presentation

Here are nine presentation delivery methods that can help you keep the audience engaged, and deliver an effective presentation. 1. The 20-Minute Rule If you don’t feel like you have your presentation squared away as much as you wish at the 20-minute mark before it’s time to speak, you’re not going to accomplish anything by…

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Email Marketing for Hotels: 3 Campaigns to Appeal to Planners

How One Luxury Hotel Sales Group Wins Big Business with Technology

How can a small hotel broaden its meetings sales efforts beyond a regional scope and customize its proposals when it doesn’t have a national sales force or proprietary sales technology like the global hospitality brands? One way is by joining meeting specific sales and marketing organizations that have a strong online presence and an interconnected network of regional sales…

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How Presentation Technology Increases Hotel Revenue

  The typical PowerPoint hotel sales presentation delivered on a tablet leaves something to be desired when it comes to off-site meetings with weak or non-existent Wi-Fi, especially if a rep wants to use rich media in their presentation. Also, sales team leaders often have no details of how the presentation was received by the…

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How Hotels are Adopting Event Technology to Increase Sales

The increasing sophistication of sales engagement software is helping hotel sales teams work with meeting planners more strategically, efficiently and effectively. Buyers and suppliers are then able to focus more on the event user experience and its deliverables versus getting lost in a mountain of disparate digital communications. Key is being able to make changes…

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How Global Hotel Brands Learn about Event Technology

The large global hospitality brands are challenged with keeping hotel staff trained on new hotel sales technology at consistent levels across their property portfolios for obvious reasons. So some companies are using technology to teach technology to senior executives in the field while, at the same time, they’re building networks for those executives to help train each other. Sheraton Hotels,…

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The Hotelier’s Guide to Building Your Network

  In today’s age of personalization and customized group experiences, hotel groups are attempting to learn as much as they can about meeting planners and their events. Hotel companies are leveraging that data by sharing it with other hotels within the same brand family, who can use the meeting histories to better approach the buyer.…

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The Rise of Social Selling in Hospitality

According to Forbes, “Social selling is one of the hottest buzzwords in the technology market…. Social selling is about building stronger relationships with potential buyers, based on an authentic sense of empathy and a deep understanding of the problems they face. The rise of social selling particularly applies to the meetings and events industry. Shawna…

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Destination Marketing

The Future of Destination Content Curation

While all of the information in this report illustrates how destinations and hotels are strategically expanding their industry networks to provide more value for meetings, there’s still a lot of areas for improvement in terms of how suppliers communicate those resources to buyers. Curated content marketing is exploding in popularity based on its ability to…

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How Destinations Will Impact Hotels

As part of the destination meetings ecosystem, hotels are evolving as destination portals and knowledge hubs in specific sectors in their own right. “We have really transformed our networking experience around sectors such as bio-tech, tech, green businesses, whether it’s cars or solar, and that’s growing significantly year over year,” says Scott Baublitz, director of…

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How a Focus on Public Policy Got One DMO $500 Million

Creating one of the first positions of its kind, San Francisco Travel hired Jon Ballesteros as SVP of Public Policy. His office works with the Mayor’s Office, Office of Economic & Workforce Development, and other city departments to better understand the visitor experience in San Francisco. “We act as the voice of the visitor, and…

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