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Top 5 Leadership Keynote Speakers

9 Steps for Delivering a Successful Event Presentation

Here are nine presentation delivery methods that can help you keep the audience engaged, and deliver an effective presentation. 1. The 20-Minute Rule If you don’t feel like you have your presentation squared away as much as you wish at the 20-minute mark before it’s time to speak, you’re not going to accomplish anything by…

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The Secret to Social Success: Why Hotels Will Tap into the Coworking Trend

Prediction From: Greg Oates, Senior Editor, Skift How will properties evolve into urban operating systems with open networks in 2016? The shift in 2016 will be toward hotels and venues developing as urban operating systems with open networks that visitors can plug into for both professional knowledge sharing and destination information. Properties like Hotel Schani…

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Email Marketing for Hotels: 3 Campaigns to Appeal to Planners

How One Luxury Hotel Sales Group Wins Big Business with Technology

How can a small hotel broaden its meetings sales efforts beyond a regional scope and customize its proposals when it doesn’t have a national sales force or proprietary sales technology like the global hospitality brands? One way is by joining meeting specific sales and marketing organizations that have a strong online presence and an interconnected network of regional sales…

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Destination Marketing

The Future of Destination Content Curation

While all of the information in this report illustrates how destinations and hotels are strategically expanding their industry networks to provide more value for meetings, there’s still a lot of areas for improvement in terms of how suppliers communicate those resources to buyers. Curated content marketing is exploding in popularity based on its ability to…

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12 Presentation Tips for Rookie Public Speakers

Even for many veteran speakers, they never feel 100% prepared for that moment when they walk up on stage and first look at all of the people looking at them. There’s always an extra data point from a new report or a quote from an industry leader that you wish you’d remembered to include. However,…

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