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10 Event Coordinator Tips They Never Taught You in School

10 Event Planning Tips Every Budding Coordinator Needs to Know

Across every industry, meeting and event coordinators are some of the hardest-working people out there. They’re expert planners and communicators, and, ultimately, they’re responsible for creating experiences that bring the client’s vision to life. In our latest free eBook, we dove into what it takes to be a modern event coordinator and discovered a few…

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Event Coordinator Salary

Event Coordinator Salary On the Rise as Competition for Talent Heats Up

Today, any organization with an internet connection has the ability to compete on an international level. That’s why meetings, events, trade shows and conventions are becoming a bigger priority for businesses across the globe. Across any industry, event coordinators are being called upon to bring people together and create experiences that result in lasting relationships.…

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Benchmarking the Modern Meeting Planner

[Report] Benchmarking the Modern Meeting & Event Planner

How do you compare to today’s meeting & event planners? Across every industry – meeting and event planners are some of the hardest working people out there. They’re expert coordinators and communicators, and ultimately they’re responsible for creating an event experience that brings the client’s vision to life. As a modern meeting planner, how do…

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Most Common Hotel Revenue Management Mistakes

The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Hotel Revenue Management

Whether you’re just starting out, or you consider yourself an expert in revenue management we can always find new ways to grow and improve. Take a minute to evaluate your strategy and be sure to avoid these 5 common revenue management mistakes. 1. A Strategy That’s Too Restrictive Sometimes multi-night demand just isn’t there. Test different…

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How Much Time Do Event Planners Spend on a Site Visit Each Year?

The site visit is a critical piece of the event planning puzzle, and it’s almost always necessary to ensure that what planners are envisioning can be made a reality. That’s why event planners are so meticulous when it comes to finding the perfect location. When choosing an event venue planners care about factors like location and cost, but…

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