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The 5 Items That Should Be on Every Catering Checklist

10 Questions to Ask Your Event Caterer

Selecting a caterer requires some thought and deliberation. Food and beverage costs often are a large percentage of an event’s cost. Meals can also be the most memorable highlight of an event so selecting a caterer can be a significant decision! Consider these questions before you select a caterer at your next event. 1. Do you…

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Top 10 Questions for Your Videographer

Videographers are increasingly present at events, meetings and conferences as planners seek to capture the comprehensive visual story of their programs. In fact, one of the most common regrets cited by planners is the decision to not record a program. Traditional footage is being replaced by more artistic methods of shooting, complete with a cinematographic feel…

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Choosing a wedding photographer

10 Must-Ask Questions for Your Photographer

Determining which photographer to choose for your meeting or event can seem like a very daunting task. With these 10 questions, you will be prepared and well-equipped to make the right decision! 1. What is your photographic approach/style? The choices are endless: contemporary, traditional, reportage, documentary, artistic – make sure you’re on the same page.…

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31 Tips to Setting a Buffet Table at an Event

This week, I found myself inspired by articles in the magazine, Southern Living.  Today, we’re sharing a few tips on setting the perfect buffet table. Whether you’re throwing a Southern summer soiree or an elegant wedding, these ideas will help you manage the food service and the flow of your guest experience: Tips for Setting…

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