Together, we will achieve
great things.

When was the last time you smiled at an event? Whether it was because of a story a conference speaker shared; or because someone you love received an award; or because you connected with 
a colleague who lives in another state, that moment impacted you forever. It may have changed your outlook on that day, it may have caused you to think differently, and probably impacted your future and the future of those around you. At Social Tables we envision a world where every 
face-to-face event achieves great things.

Social Tables was founded in 2011 by Dan Berger, and is based in Washington, DC. We believe meetings and events that strengthen human connection hold more importance than ever before. 
At a time when we’re distracted by digital devices and face a barrage of new information competing for our attention, face-to-face events stand out as a place for genuine connection; a place for collaboration. Every day our team strives to make event planning easier with a collaborative event management platform, that helps planners and venues work together efficiently.

We envision a world where every face-to-face event achieves great things.

Events Planned


Area of Bookable Space

1,171,637,823 ft²

Participants Impacted


Some of our customers thoughts…

“I want to send a tremendous thank you to you and your team for your help at the Global Good Fund Gala. We literally could not have done registration without you that evening, and you all helped to make it seamless. You all were fabulous, and a huge help.”

Kristen Y. Archer, Bravo!

“It’s really important to us that the fan experience is great right from the start, and that it isn’t kicked off on a negative tone when fans have to wait 20 minutes just to be checked-in.”

Ilsa Marden, The Baltimore Ravens

"Our customers like Social Tables so much they don’t want us to touch their diagrams. We give them the bones, they create their vision, and we execute. It’s incredible."

Matt Watson, Florida State University’s Oglesby Union