Now improve your events an easier way.


You've been staying on top of industry trends. Now improve your events an easier way.


Skip the binders and stay in sync

With our cloud-based software you can stay on the same page through every step of event planning with anyone, anytime, anywhere. That means last minute changes are a breeze!

Bring your space to life in 3D

Our diagramming solution will differentiate your proposals with 3D views in a single click, and help communicate room sets more clearly to everyone involved.

“I've been looking for software like Social Tables my entire life. It saved us hundreds of hours.”

Angeline Holder
Conrad Miami

Adrian Diaz

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Here's how Social Tables can save you 10 hours every week:

Collaborate with stakeholders

Invite your team, caterers, and clients to view your diagrams, room sets, and guest list live. You can even let them edit if you'd like!

Success is guaranteed

Our customer support partners with you to ensure you get the best from our software. We're available anytime, and you'll always hear back from us quickly.

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“Now our diagramming time is almost non-existent. We’ve found that in the execution of the event, Social Tables has become a necessity. We are now able to share information and communicate quickly.”

Rebecca Dufault
UMASS Amherst

Get your free trial today and you'll enjoy:

  • Accurate Diagramming
  • 3D Viewing
  • Custom Room-Set Creation
  • Time-saving Templates
  • Collaboration
  • Guest List Management
  • Guest Seating
  • Guest Check In
  • 24/7 Customer Service


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